‘Office Chef’ Ms Yeah Tells Us About Her Crazy Videos And Who She Wants To Mukbang With

Ms Yeah has garnered over 6.4 million subscribers on YouTube since she first started her page in 2017.

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While we cooking-inept millennials can only dream of making more than Maggi Cup or roti bakar to stave off hunger, Ms Yeah takes dorm room cooking to the next level

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Known for her quiet demeanor and quirky cooking videos, this famous 'office chef' can whip up extravagant dishes (think cotton candy and a full-fledge BBQ) using only basic office equipment and a little bit of creativity.

From grilling steak with an iron, to steaming a basket of buns with a garment steamer, Ms Yeah has been entertaining her 6.4 million loyal subscribers with weekly videos since 2017.

Our personal favourite is when she roasted a whole chicken in a flowerpot! 

Constantly topping her previous cooking innovations, Ms Yeah continues to impress her audience with new ingenious cooking ideas every week - like making a full hi-tea spread using a hairdryer and even inventing a makeshift hotpot using parts of an air purifier.

You'd definitely have a higher chance of surviving the apocalypse with her by your side. Fact.

This week, we got a chance to chat with Ms Yeah to get a glimpse into the brain behind the videos:

SAYS: From your videos, we know that you’re a creative and funny person. But tell us one thing that people would find surprising about Ms Yeah.

Ms. Yeah: Thank you, haha. I hardly speak in my videos, but off camera I speak and sing a lot in my everyday life.

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SAYS: What do your colleagues think about you cooking in the office? Which one of your dishes did they say was the tastiest?

Ms. Yeah: They think it’s a brilliant idea. It must be episode 85 ‘How to Make Chengdu Tempura with a Chinese Musical Instrument’. I fried vegetables and meat for me and my friends in the office, for most Sichuan people - we love spicy fried food - it smells wonderful.

SAYS: Besides using office equipment, you’ve also made some quirky original inventions from scratch for your videos, like a hotpot, the iron man robot chef and a mochi cutting machine. Which creation are you most proud of?

Ms. Yeah: Definitely the DIY Knife-cut Noodle Robot, it’s a time consuming project, and it involved many tests and fixes.

SAYS: Has any of your inventions ever gone wrong? If so, what was your funniest experience?

Ms Yeah: Like people say "failure is the foundation of success", the short video you watch every Friday on my YouTube channel is just around 5-12 minutes, but the preparation takes probably 1,000 times longer.

SAYS: From your experience, what’s the most useful office equipment people can use to cook at home?

Ms Yeah:  Electrical kettle.

SAYS: I find it amusing to see your computer screen always playing different shows in your videos. What’s your current favourite show?

Ms Yeah: 'The Brain', a talent show showing Chinese scientific reality.

SAYS: In my office pantry now, I have some aluminium foil, a toaster and some wooden skewers. What’s the coolest food you think I can make with these equipment?

Ms Yeah: Using toaster to make BBQ. I'd like to say it here again, “we have safeguard procedures in our office, so do not imitate most of my videos”.

SAYS: Generally, I’m so bad in the kitchen! The only thing I can make successfully are toast and instant noodles, I’m afraid to explore more beyond that. What advice would you have for me?

Ms Yeah: I’d like to suggest you try some simple cooking method, like steam some sweet potatoes, corn and dumplings - basically you just need to boil the water and then use the steam to cook your food materials. Interest is the best teacher, if you really like cooking, you are willing to spend some time to practice.

SAYS: We heard you’re starring in Discovery’s new show, 'Beauty and the Feast' that takes us on a journey on the curious world of social eating across Korea and China.

From your experience, what’s the most interesting similarity you’ve found between these two eating cultures?

Ms Yeah: We love rice and spicy food, Sichuan pickles and Korean pickles (kimchi) are equally important to our life.

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SAYS: Mukbang videos are all the rage now. How BIG is your appetite really? What was the most you’ve eaten in one meal?

Ms Yeah: Lol, I can’t do mukbang, I can’t eat that big of portion, but when I have Sichuan Hot pot, I can do non-stop eating for hours.

SAYS: Which celebrity do you wish would do a Mukbang video in the near future?

Ms Yeah: Hahahaha I will fail for sure, but my two good friend, Soobin from Korea and Mizi Mires from Sichuan China, they are both the famous Mukbang YouTubers.

I did two collab-videos with two wonderful girls respectively. Go check out my YouTube channel for the two lovely videos, please!

SAYS: Lastly, what can your fans and new fans out there expect next from Ms Yeah?

Ms Yeah: I’m willing to discover more in the field of creative food constantly, and try to combine the traditional culture of Chinese food and my creative works. Through this, the culture of Chinese food could be disseminated to the rest of the world.

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Ms Yeah will be starring in Discovery's Original Production, 'Beauty and The Feast', in which she will explore the new and exciting world of Mukbang in Korea and China

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Follow Ms Yeah on her YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram for more of her culinary antics, or catch her on 'Beauty and the Feast' on Discovery Channel (Astro Channel 551).

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