12 Movies That Will Be Screening At GSC For Japanese Film Festival 2022

Time to invite friends to the cinema for a cry-fest ;-;

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Good news for all Japanese film fans, the Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur is returning with Japanese Film Festival 2022 that will hit Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) soon

After its Japanese Film Festival Online screening earlier this year, the Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur is returning with a full-scale Japanese Film Festival 2022 that will hit Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) next month.

The event will feature over 10 Japanese films with themes ranging from drama romance, documentary, and more.

Let's take a look at the films that will be screened during the festival:

1. And So The Baton Is Passed

In And So, The Baton Is Passed (2021), the film tells a story about two girls, Miitan and Yuk. Miitan lives with her stepmother while Yuk lives with her stepfather. However, both the relationships between child and parent are vastly different, with a sad family secret threatening to unveil itself.

It will certainly be a tear-jerker, as you follow along and watch the clash of two families when secrets that have been kept begin to crack and affect those around them.

2. Anime Supremacy!

Anime Supremacy! (2022) is a live-action anime adaptation film following the story of those working in the cut-throat anime industry.

A rookie director, Hitomi, competes for the title of 'Haken' (supremacy) against star veteran director, Chiharu, to top the charts with their anime series that's set to air at the same day and time. 

Struggling with being underestimated as a female director and having to gain the cooperation of her peculiar co-workers, Hitomi is determined to prove herself.

3. Blue

Blue (2021) tells the story of Urita, a passionate boxer who just keeps losing, whether it's in his boxing career, or at life. Even though he has profound love for boxing, he lacks the talent needed for it.

However, his friend, Kazuki, is on the path to become a star boxer and has the potential to win the upcoming championship. To top it all off, Kazuki is even engaged to Urita's first love, Chika. This movie is a reflection of life with no clear winner, portrayed through the unforgiving sports of boxing.

4. Blue Thermal

Blue Thermal (2022) is a coming-of-age story about Tamaki, an athletic college girl, who wants to be noticed by her crush in university. However, after being rejected for being an athletic girl, she decided to join the tennis club in an attempt to be 'less athletic'. 

Things go awry when she accidentally hits a glider with a tennis ball and caused significant damage. As a repercussion, she was forced to join the aviation club, causing an unexpected love and hidden talent to unravel.

5. Cinematic Liars of Asahi-za

Cinematic Liars of Asahi-za (2021) narrates the story of a 100-year-old movie theatre, Asahi-za, in Minamisoma, Fukushima Prefecture. For decades, the theatre had only screened old films which consequently, didn't earn it a lot of customers.

Due to that, the closing of the theatre was planned by its manager. However, just as he was about to discard the old 35mm films, a young woman from Tokyo comes to save the theatre, as a promise she made to her high school teacher.

6. I Go Gaga: Welcome Home Mom

I Go Gaga: Welcome Home Mom (2022) is a documentary film following the real-life heartbreaking story of an adult daughter coming to terms with her parents growing old.

The documentary is a second installation to I Go Gaga, My Dear (2018). In both documentary films, the director shows her parents' struggle with dementia, and in the second film, her cheerful mother who has always been diligent with housework, slowly loses the ability to perform daily tasks.

7. In The Wake

In The Wake (2021) is set in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, after the Great East Japan Earthquake, when a young man, girl, and elderly woman form an unlikely bond at an evacuation centre and form a found family.

Years later, a detective, who was a survivor of the tragic disaster, is in charge of a murder investigation. Fate brings the two stories together in this murder-thriller movie following the story of Yasuhisa, who was just released from prison, and found himself to be a prime suspect in a murder of two victims.

8. Intolerance

Intolerance (2021) unfolds the story of a father's rage and revenge following his daughter's tragic death in a car accident after being accused of shoplifting. In denial, the short-tempered father attempts to find out who is truly responsible for his daughter's untimely passing.

9. Inu-Oh

Inu-Oh (2022) is a musical fantasy film, set in 14th century Japan, about traditional musicians who face censorship for their songs on Japan warfare. Inu-Oh, a masked boy born with peculiar physical features, meets Tomona, a blind biwa player, and together they electrify the community with their radical new music and dance.

10. Just Remembering

Just Remembering (2022) is a romance movie revolving around Teruo and his girlfriend Yo, who had broken up and moved on. Previously a dancer, Teruo had to leave dancing because of an injury, and now works as a stage light director, whereas his ex-girlfriend Yo is a taxi driver.

The film recounts the exes' dating days before they part ways again.

11. The Fish Tale

The Fish Tale (2022) is based on the life of celebrity ichthyologist, Masayuki Miyazawa, or more fondly known as Sakana-kun.

The film follows a boy named Meebo, who is very passionate about fish and often gets bullied because of it. Dealing with doubtful concerns from his father, he then decides to pursue a career as a marine biologist, with the support of his mother.

12. Your Eyes Tell

Your Eyes Tell (2020) is a story about an ex-convict, Rui, who meets a blind girl, Akari, who remains outgoing and optimistic, regardless of losing her eyesight. The two connect beyond friendship and ultimately find out about each other's hidden past.

The movies will be screened in selected GSC outlets in Klang Valley, Penang, Johor Bahru, Kuching, and Kota Kinabalu

The Japanese Film Festival 2022 will begin on 8 September until 9 October at the following locations:

1. Klang Valley: 8 September - 14 September
GSC Mid Valley
GSC 1 Utama
GSC Nu Sentral

2. Penang: 15 September - 18 September
GSC Gurney Plaza

3. Johor Bahru: 25 September - 28 September
GSC Paradigm Mall

4. Kuching: 6 October - 9 October 
GSC CityONE Megamall
GSC The Spring*

 5. Kota Kinabalu: 6 Octobere - 9 October
GSC Suria Sabah

*GSC The Spring, Kuching will have a screening of one title only.

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