Jet Li Accused Of Embezzling Over RM156 Million From Charity Fund

The 50-year-old action star has denied allegations that he had embezzled over RM156 million in charity funds meant for victims of last year's earthquake in Lushan, China.

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Action Star Jet Li Is Being Accused Of Siphoning Over RM156 Million From One Foundation, A Charity Fund That He Set Up

A file photo of Jet Li explaining the One Foundation at a press conference in the Greenland Hotel, Chengdu.

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Following Chinese actor Li Yapeng’s embezzlement controversy, action star Jet Li is being accused of siphoning RMB$3 billion (approximately S$60 million) from One Foundation, the charity fund that he set up.


A Mainland Political Commentary Website, Siyue.net Recently Raised Questions About The Whereabouts Of The Remainder Of Donations Handled By Jet Li's One Foundation

Chinese actor Jet Li (C) sings a song with children at a shelter in Chishan Town of Kaohsiung in southeast China's Taiwan, Aug. 15, 2009.

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"Where have our donations gone? As of 8:02 p.m. on April 20, 2014, total 219 foundations raised funds for Ya'an earthquake, receiving 1.696 billion Yuan public donations. Currently, the expense reached 645 million Yuan covering 38 percent of the total income. One Foundation received nearly 400 million Yuan donation but only paid 40 million Yuan covering only 9 percent," Siyue Net said on Weibo.


It Stated That The Foundation Received More Than RM201 Million In The Aftermath Of 2013's Ya'an Earthquake, But Had Only Spent Over RM24 Million Of It On Relief Efforts

Jackie Chan with longtime friend Jet Li during a news conference in Hengdian, China.

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A Mainland political commentary website, Siyue.net had recently raised questions about the whereabouts of the rest of donations handled by Jet Li's One Foundation, stating that it received more than RMB 385 million in the aftermath of 2013′s Ya'an earthquake, but had only spent RMB 47 million of it on relief efforts.


Jet Li Denied The Allegations Via An Open Letter Posted On His Weibo, Stating That He "Really Wants To Take The Donations" But Does Not Have The Power To Authorise The Transfer Of The Organisation's Funds

In an open letter posted on his micro blog, which set out to illustrate how it is impossible for him to do so, Li said he “really wants to take the One Foundation’s 300 million yuan” but did not know how to do it.


A screenshot of Jet Li's open letter on Weibo, addressing the allegations that he embezzled over RM156 million.

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Li Went On To Add That It Was Impossible For Him To Transfer The Foundation's Money To His Personal Account "Without The Media Finding out, The Bank Knowing And Without Being Caught And Thrown In Jail"

Chinese actor Jet Li (2nd L front) carries relief goods with volunteers in Liukuei Town of Kaohsiung in southeast China's Taiwan, Aug. 15, 2009.

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The 50-year-old actor said that if the One Foundation is corrupt, then all its board members, who are already quite wealthy, are corrupt as well, and it would be tough to divide the embezzled money.


“They (the One Foundation board members) all have companies that are worth billions…the misappropriated 300 million yuan would not be enough to go around." - Jet Li


“Can you all help me think of a way to split this little bit of money?” said Li.


A Lawyer's Letter Sent On Behalf Of Jet Li Said He Would Sue The Chinese Website For Slander For Saying He Embezzled Over RM156 Million In Charity Funds

The letter sent yesterday, 24 April 2014, to website M4.cn disputed its allegation that the Shenzhen-based One Foundation, which was founded by Li, collected nearly 400 million yuan in donations but only disbursed just about 47 million yuan, reported website Netease.


The letter said no basis for M4's allegation could be found in its posting on Tuesday on Sina Weibo. It asked for April Media, the company which operates M4, to remove the posting, clarify the truth and issue a sincere apology.


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