Meet The Canadian R&B Duo Who Has Been Hailed As Drake's "Secret Weapon"

Catch the duo on Sunday, 22 July!

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If you haven't heard of this Toronto-based duo, you might recognise them here:

Majid Jordan is an R&B duo comprised of singer Majid Al Maskati and producer Jordan Ullman

The duo shot to fame after getting signed to rapper-producer Drake's label, October's Very Own (OVO), in 2013. For their first ever live performance, they were backing Drake as he performed the hit single, 'Hold On, We're Going Home' on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in the same year.

Hailed by the New York Times as Drake's secret weapon, Majid Jordan describes their sound as a combination of "love and dance songs".

Majid's live debut with Drake (left) on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2013.

Image via The Ellen DeGeneres Show/YouTube

In a phone interview with SAYS, the duo revealed the hardest thing about working with each other, their music inspirations, and what they're looking forward to in Malaysia:

SAYS: Hi guys! You have quite a fan base in Asia. Would you mind telling us how you two got together to make music, and what's the biggest challenge?

Jordan: So Majid and I, we met in 2012 and we were both studying in the University of Toronto. We found out through our mutual friends that we both make music. Eventually, we met up in April 2012 and started working together in my dorm room at that time in Toronto. Shortly after, we put out our first EP, which was called 'Afterhours'.

In September the same year, we met Noah '40' Shebib (Drake's producer) and he's basically been our mentor and big brother ever since. We then started working with OVO and Drake, and now we're able to go around the world and show our music to everybody.

Image via The Fader

Majid: (The biggest challenge is) being patient with ourselves and everything, like we're so used to making music so we've got to keep things fresh with each other. 

Jordan: At the end of the day, the person I really want to work with is Majid. I'm blessed to be able to work with my best friend.

SAYS: You've been working with each other for about six years. What, or who has been your biggest music inspirations?

Jordan: We found a real common ground at the beginning through disco, house music, and R&B. But we're always open-minded to listen to other music, and we're always exploring new artists. 

We're both into music in the present and from the past. I think by keeping our ears open to the world, we've allowed ourselves to create our own sound.

SAYS: It's your first time coming to Asia! What do you guys look forward to the most in Malaysia?

Image via Capital Xtra

Majid: I will eat some good food, of course! I need to find out where the best places are.

I want to walk around the city and see some nature too, I've heard that you guys have got some crazy stuff out there. 

Jordan: I'm ready to explore, and meet some people along the way!

Majid: And of course, we want to enjoy the good weather. If it gets too hot, we'll just throw ourselves into your swimming pools! Laughs

SAYS: What's the one thing people should do before coming to a Majid Jordan concert?

Jordan: You should be ready to dance. Bring your friends, and bring your loved ones.

We always want everybody to have the best time possible, and be comfortable.

Watch Majid Jordan's latest music video, 'Gave Your Love Away' here:

Get ready for Majid Jordan on Sunday, 22 July, at Good Vibes Festival 2018

They will be performing alongside SZA, The Neighbourhood, and more at The Ranch @ Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highlands.

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