[PHOTOS] They Say Bieber Looks Like Miley Without Makeup In His New Mugshot

Justin Bieber was arrested on Thursday for drunken driving, resisting arrest and driving without a license! Here's how the Internet responded.

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Justin Bieber Was Charged With Drunken Driving, Resisting Arrest And Driving Without A Valid License On Thursday, 23 Jan 2014

Justin Bieber was arrested for DUI early Thursday morning and it wasn't pretty - cops say Justin was wasted and resisted arrest and cussed the cop out, dropping multiple F bombs.


Photo of Justin Bieber's arrest

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Police arrested the pop star as he drove a bright yellow Lamborghini at up to 60mph in a 30mph speed limit zone while allegedly racing Def Jam rapper Khalil Sharief who was driving a Ferrari.


Justin Bieber in his car, prior to his arrest.

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Bieber Was Not Cooperative When He Was Pulled Over And Later Admitted That He Had Been Drinking, Smoking Marijuana And Taking Prescription Medication

The officer pulled Bieber's car over, but the singer was "was not cooperating with the officer's instructions," Martinez said. "At first, he was a little belligerent, using some choice words questioning why he was being stopped and why the officer was even questioning him," he said.


Justin Bieber's response to being pulled over

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The arrest report describes Bieber as having a "flushed face, bloodshot eyes, and the odor of alcohol on his breath." Bieber failed a field sobriety test, Miami Beach Police Sgt. Bobby Hernandez told CNN.


According To People, Bieber Allegedly Broke Down In Tears When He Returned To His Cell Despite Appearing As Stoic During His Court Apperance

But the emotions came later for the 19-year-old star. Upon returning to the detention center, Bieber was "crying his eyes out," a source tells PEOPLE.


Justin Bieber faced a judge via video on Thursday afternoon in Miami, Florida following his DUI arrest after a drag race hours earlier.

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A stolid looking Bieber wore a jail uniform and appeared in court with his attorney Roy Black, who defended Rush Limbaugh when he was on trial for his battle with prescription drugs.


Here's How The World Responded To His Arrest And What They Did With His Unusually Cheery-Looking Mugshot

Justin Bieber mugshot.

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Someone "Photoshopped Justin's Eyebrows Off For Absolutely No Reason"

Justin Bieber mugshot, photoshopped.

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They Put Make-Up On Him Since He Was Arrested For 'Drag Racing'

Justin Bieber's mug shot, photoshopped

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Some Wanted Him Freed And Others Wanted Him Deported

Trending tags on Twitter on Justin Bieber's arrest

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Actor Seth Rogen Called Him A "Piece Of Sh*t" And That Got Retweeted Over 113k Times

Seth Rogen tweets in response to Justin Bieber's arrest

Image via Seth Rogen Twitter

Seth Rogen gif, for illustration purposes only.

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This Image Started Circulating On The Internet

Trending photo captioned 'Photo of Justin Bieber getting pulled over last night'

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They Put Him Alongside The Inmates Of Popular Netflix Series "Orange Is The New Black"

Justin Bieber photoshopped into 'Orange Is The New Black' poster.

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Original banner of popular Netflix series "Orange Is The New Black"

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Someone Thought Bieber Was Miley Cyrus Without Makeup

Justin Bieber mugshot next to a photo of Miley Cyrus

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The uncanny resemblance.

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Others Created An Entire Twitter Account For His Arrest

Justin Bieber's DUI Twitter

Image via buzzfed.com

More Reactions, Including A Canteen Scene, A Postcard And A Gif:

Responses to Justin Bieber's arrest.

Image via mshcdn.com

Responses to Justin Bieber's arrest.

Image via mshcdn.com

Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber gif.

Image via mshcdn.com

Bieber Was Released In The Afternoon And Waved To A Crowd Of Fans On Top Of An SUV

Waving to his fans: The icon sat on the roof of his waiting SUV as he looked at the crowd just after being released from jail on bail.

Image via dailymail.co.uk

And he's out: The teen sensation had a blank stare as he was released almost 12 hours after his arrest.

Image via dailymail.co.uk

Loving it?: The cover boy seemed proud of his arrest as he let everyone take a good look at him.

Image via dailymail.co.uk

Covered up: His black hoodie hid the sleeve of tattoos that match his father's.

Image via dailymail.co.uk

Broken?: He appeared pale and drawn as correction officers led him out of jail - the star reportedly cried after his bail was set.

Image via dailymail.co.uk

MailOnline has also learned that Bieber’s father Jeremy was among the star’s entourage as he raced along Miami Beach.


Justin Bieber was freed from jail after posting $2,500 bond on DUI, resisting arrest charges. R&B singer Khalil Amir Sharieff was arrested in the same incident. He is charged with driving under the influence. Police said Khalil was driving a Ferrari.


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