[UPDATED] Bieber speaks on Twitter regarding weed scandal

Justin Bieber was caught smoking pot. While the Bieb's PR team try to save their client's reputation and 'good boy' image, they now have to deal with an outbreak of Beliebers slicing their wrists pleading for JB to stop smoking pot. Gory images have surfaced on Twitter and Instagram since the #CutForBieber trend.

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Justin Bieber speaks up

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Following the news of his smoke-filled extracurricular activities in a Newport Beach hotel room, the Biebs took to Twitter to express himself.


Bieber lookalike sparks weed scandal conspiracy

Verrecas hasn't taken kindly to the accusations, and he took to Twitter to clear his name.

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Some fans have alleged that it's actually Verrecas in the damning photos, because you can't see Bieber's tattoos in TMZ's photos.


Some Beliebers seem to be having a hard time dealing with Bieber's current alleged weed scandal, which emerged after photos of the singer holding what appears to be a blunt were published by TMZ.


Disgust and outrage

"I am sick to my stomach by the trend #cutforbieber," tweeted Glee Project star, Abraham Lim. "True fans would NEVER harm themselves to prove a point to the artist in question."


Twitter user @RyansAverageLife added, "#cutforbieber This trend is absolutely unacceptable and makes me sick to my stomach. Serious issues like cutting shouldn't be glorified."


Miley Cyrus is trying to put a stop to a new sick trend that involves self-described Justin Bieber fans mutilating their bodies after seeing the pics of the singer smoking pot.


Since becoming aware of the trend, fellow Twitter fan Miley Cyrus has now weighed in on the subject, begging individuals to put an end to it.


Beliebers participate in #CutForBieber!

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Brittany Scrapman: "#cutforbieber you stop using drugs and we'll stop cutting. You make this world meaningless and we've lost hope."


The graphic photos posted along with the hash tags supposedly depict "fans" in such states of despair they're cutting their wrists in protest over the "Baby" singer's increasingly wayward ways.


The #CutForBieber campaign began when a group of people posted photos of slashed wrists with the hashtag, urging fans to self-harm in "protest" of Bieber's alleged drug use.


Beliebers appeared to take it seriously, posting disturbing messages such as "you stop using drugs and we'll stop cutting" along with pictures of bleeding arms.


Disturbing bloody images have appeared on Twitter which appear to show wounds self-inflicted by Justin Bieber fans.


How Beliebers and non-Beliebers react

Justin Bieber wasn't born with the talent to become an international superstar ... he inhaled it ... in the form of miraculous marijuana smoke -- so says legendary weed icon Tommy Chong.


A Belieber said, "Justin Bieber Smoking weed is affecting me!? I Just cut my self 6 times and it hurt so much! but i cant stop cutting i'm losing some blood but idc! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! :'("


Justin Bieber caught smoking pot

According to sources, Twist and his brother were rolling all the blunts and smoking everyone up ... and there was a LOT of pot smoke.


TMZ obtained the snaps of Bieber holding an alleged blunt and laughing with friends.


On Friday night, TMZ posted photos of Justin Bieber allegedly smoking marijuana with friends inside a Newport Beach hotel room.


Without explicitly admitting he had been smoking pot earlier in the week, Bieber did strike a humble tone on Twitter on Saturday, telling fans he knew he had let them down.


Bieber was photographed last Wednesday at a hotel-room party in Newport Beach holding what appears to be a marijuana cigarette while sitting with fellow partyers and a couple of empty beer bottles.


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