7 Valuable Lessons We Learned About Family From The ‘Fast And Furious’ Movies

Everyone thinks the 'Fast and Furious' movies are all about fast cars and gravity-defying stunts but in truth, it's actually about a group of people who are connected and driven by the bonds of being a family.

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1. Family always comes first, like when then-undercover cop Brian O' Conner (Paul Walker) chose to risk his job by letting Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) escape in 'The Fast and the Furious'

At the end of the first movie, Dom and Brian have one last quarter-mile race, which ends in Dom flipping his car and injuring his arm. But when Brian hears the sirens in the distance, he makes a choice: Family first. Knowing it will cost him his job, Brian hands Dom his car keys, explaining, “I owe you a 10-second car.” And so Dom and Brian’s relationship really begins.


2. You always make time for family, like whenever la familia makes it back to the Toretto home for a sit-down meal together. They may have lost some members along the way, but gained some new ones too.

Dinner table scene in 'The Fast and the Furious'.

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Second family dinner in 'Fast and Furious 6'.

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No matter how busy or occupied you are with the whirlwind of life, take some time off to spend some time with the ones you care most about. Festive seasons like Chinese New Year and Hari Raya are great for organising family gatherings and reunions, so don't let opportunities like these pass you by.

3. "Ride or die" is not just a catchy one-liner. It's Dom and Brian's promise to each other that they will have each others' back no matter what until the end of the line.

4. Just because you do not have blood ties, does not mean you can't be an important part in somebody's life. Dom's heartwarming pre-heist speech in 'Fast Five' proves just that.

Remember the good old sekolah menengah days when everyone hung out in their own closeknit group of friends? We studied together and even got into trouble together, yet no one rats out on each other... because that's what brothers and/or sisters are for.

As American writer Richard Bach once said, "The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life."

5. You never give up on family, like Dom's unwavering faith towards Letty even when Brian is pretty much convinced that she has bailed out on them. Nobody gets left behind.

6. Your true family believes in your potential to do anything you put your mind to... even if it requires some - ahem - brute force to make you see it

7. A family's like a tree - the branches may grow in different directions, yet the roots remain as one. Even when you choose to go your separate ways, the bond you share remains unbroken.

Ask anyone who's living away from their hometown or outside of Malaysia, they'll most probably admit to feeling a little homesick for the home and family they left behind. You see, it's not the location that makes home home, it's the people. No matter where life takes you, home will always be where the people who matter are.

One thing for sure, the 'Fast and Furious' family will never be the same again without Paul Walker in their ranks. Don't miss out on his last ride on the big screen:

'Furious 7', starring the late Paul Walker alongside Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Ludacris, Tyrese Gibson, Nathalie Emmanuel, and Jason Statham is playing in cinemas now.