Literally Just 10 Photos Of James Wan Standing Next To Extremely Tall Hollywood Actors

He looks as cute as a button!

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As one of the most sought-after filmmakers in Hollywood, The Conjuring and Aquaman director James Wan has worked with some of the world's biggest movie stars

Well, we mean that quite literally too. While doing research on Wan, we noticed something pretty endearing about the Kuching-born director...

He looks positively tiny next to the stars he works with!

Can you spot James Wan in this picture?

Image via Ann Presley / Getty Images

According to the Internet, Wan is either 1.61m (IMDb) or 1.68m (Google) tall. 

For context, the average height of a Malaysian male is reported to be 1.68m. 
Note: Yes, we know he's Australian now, but his genes are still Malaysian so let's go with that ok? :p 

So, if you've ever wondered how you - an average Malaysian - would look like standing next to Hollywood stars like Jason Momoa or The Rock, let James Wan be your stand-in:

1. Here he is with the main cast of Aquaman

2. To be fair, most people look absolutely dwarfed when standing next to Jason Momoa, who's almost 2 METRES TALL. :O

3. Looking dapper on the blue carpet with Queen Atlanna a.k.a. the ever-classy Nicole Kidman

4. Representing the Asians in Hollywood with Randall Park (you might remember him as Louis Huang from Fresh Off the Boat)

5. Ben Affleck looks extra thicc over here

6. He's as cute as a button all bundled up with the cast of The Conjuring 2

7. Wan strikes a cool pose with the cast of Furious 7...

8. ... Shares a laugh with Fast and Furious icon Vin Diesel...

9. ... And got Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson wrapped around him after the action star's last shot for Furious 7

10. Ok tbh The Rock is built like a brick wall, even co-star Elsa Pataky looks tiny next to him

Regardless of his height, the cili padi director sure packs a punch and has no doubt made a significant mark in Hollywood.

His latest movie, a little underwater adventure called Aquaman is currently playing in cinemas nationwide. Watch the trailer HERE:

AQUAMAN - Final Trailer - in theaters December 21

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Posted by Aquaman on Monday, 19 November 2018

And now, just for kicks, here are some pics of James Wan with his creepy creations:

Read how the Kuching-born director was inspired by his Malaysian/Australian upbringing for Aquaman:

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