M'sians Are Rallying To Get #GantungTheMovie On Netflix Once It's Out

The crowdfunded movie is a continuation of 'Gantung The Series'.

Cover image via @neddokhan (Twitter) & Red Comms via theSundaily

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Calling all Gantung fans out there!

With the series getting a sequel in the form of a movie soon, fans have begun rallying to make the movie available on Netflix once it is out.

In a tweet published last Monday, 29 March, Gantung author Nadia Khan — which the series is based on — shared photos of the movie's cast.

Merely writing "It's coming" with no additional context, the tweet has since blown up with over 17,500 likes and 7,600 retweets.

The enthusiasm for the series is still running high, although the high school horror series ended about three years ago.

After the photos went viral, Neddo — as the author is also known as — tagged Netflix Malaysia and Netflix Indonesia in a separate tweet, saying that fans are demanding that the movie be made available on the streaming platform

"Believe me, we're trying. Perhaps if there is enough demand from all you awesome people, it'll happen," wrote Neddo, adding, "Retweet this!"

Within just a day, Netflix Malaysia responded, asking Gantung fans to drop their request on their website.

Neddo said the movie is currently in pre-production, before adding that it would be 'mind-blowing' if Gantung The Movie gets its first run on Netflix.

Speaking to SAYS in an email, the team said they have yet to get any response from Netflix Malaysia following their reply to the tweet.

"We haven't yet heard back from them otherwise, but we're staying positive!" said a spokesperson.

Gantung The Series first aired in 2017, with clips of its episodes receiving millions of views on Facebook and Telegram

Image via Kesah Benar

"Gantung The Series was developed from Nadia Khan's bestselling Fixi novel — Gantung — and starred four boys which are now known as the modern Musketeers – Gibbs (Randy Pangalila), KJ (Brandon Salim), Troll (Hafreez Adam), and Ray (Ikmal Amry)," read the synopsis on the movie's website.

"Centred around high school boys and portraying very realistic and relatable youth issues, Gantung captured the hearts of both Malaysian and Indonesian [youths], as evidenced by more than one million views of the series and a turnout of 3,000 people at the meet and greet event in May 2018."

The website confirmed that Gantung The Movie is a continuation of the series.

If you want to see the movie made available on Netflix, make sure to file a request to the streaming platform here.

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