Meet 3 Homegrown Talents Who Will Be Performing In Malaysia's First Ever AR Concert

The new norm inspired Pepsi to be creative and bring you the first ever Augmented Reality (AR) concert in Malaysia!

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The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly affected and impacted everyone, and the local arts scene is no exception

Be it singers, dancers, actors, artists, or any of the various other types of talented people we have in Malaysia, local talents have definitely suffered a huge blow. With performance venues closed and crowds unable to gather, the local arts scene has pretty much come to a screeching halt since the first Movement Control Order (MCO) last year.

However, our homegrown talents aren't just giving up. Instead, they've come up with new and creative ways to put themselves out there and show off their skills.

Pepsi is stepping up to help the local talents express themselves creatively in this new normal, by bringing you something that has never been done before—Malaysia's first-ever Augmented Reality (AR) concert!

As Malaysians, it is up to us to ensure that our local talents do not disappear into the background. Whether it’s in terms of contributions, attending online gigs or sharing about them via social media, all these simple acts will go a long way in helping keep our local arts scene alive.

That's why Pepsi is challenging the norm by bringing the concert experience home, so that you can support our homegrown talents while staying safe at home.

You can watch this exclusive concert anywhere, anytime. But, it's only accessible via a bottle of Pepsi Black Raspberry, oooooo so cool! Make sure to grab one to enjoy the boldest performance on a bottle.

It all began with Pepsi's recent #PepsiBoldTalent contest on TikTok, which aimed to discover Malaysia's boldest talents

Out of all the finalists, three Malaysians were chosen according to the popular vote, and alongside being in the limelight on all Pepsi bottles, they will be featured in the AR concert alongside local superstar Siti Nordiana :D

Meet the talented winners who have worked hard to hone their crafts, and will be performing in Pepsi's AR concert:

1. Aidil is a 22-year old graphic designer who has been playing freestyle football for nearly eight years


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Having practised his unique talent of freestyle football for almost eight years, graphic designer Aidil shows his determination by having two practise sessions on weekends—first from 7am to 12pm, then from 4.30pm to 7pm.

“With freestyle football, l can play anytime and anywhere! Freestyle means being FREE, so you can wear what you want, and you can create your own style too,” he said.

With the opportunity to be featured in the Pepsi AR concert, Aidil hopes his showcase can help make this sport become more well-known.

He shared, “I hope this sport becomes more popular and mainstream, and it will be acknowledged professionally, and more freestylers will be able to achieve their dreams.”

2. Syafeek has been singing for local and international corporate shows ever since 2012


Think they have what it takes? Like, comment and vote for your favourite #PepsiBoldTalent finalist audition video!

original sound - PepsiMalaysia

“I joined a singing competition with RTM in 2015 named Juara Pujaan. In 2018, I won i-SiNG World in Paris (there were 40 other contestants from all over the world),” he recounted.

“I enjoy singing, as it is a way for me to express my emotions in public. I consider myself an introvert, thus music is one of the ways for me to connect with people.”

Syafeek discovered his talent while studying engineering abroad in Nice, France. Though he has never had a formal education in music, Syafeek has learned a lot through YouTube and hopes to one day be successful in his singing career.  

“With this special project with Pepsi, I look at it as a great platform for me to showcase my talent.” he expressed.

3. Bell is still a student, but that hasn’t stopped her from busting a move for the past three years!


Think they have what it takes? Like, comment and vote for your favourite #PepsiBoldTalent finalist audition video!

original sound - PepsiMalaysia

"It makes me happy whenever I dance, to the extent I don’t realise how much time has passed," shared Bell.  

Like Syafeek, Bell has perfected her talent by watching YouTube videos! 22-year-old Bell has big dreams, as the self-taught dancer’s goal is to one day be a K-pop idol.

"Honestly, I want to be an idol, but I’m still improving myself and searching for opportunities and chances to achieve my dream," said Bell.

No doubt performing in the Pepsi AR concert will be an amazing experience that brings her one step closer to her dream.

Wanna watch these Malaysians perform alongside Siti Nordiana? You can get started by purchasing a bottle of Pepsi Black Raspberry!

Here’s how you can experience Pepsi’s first ever AR concert:

1. Purchase a Pepsi Black Raspberry from any nearby stores.

2. Go to PepsiARConcert.com to activate the AR camera.

3. Scan the Pepsi logo on the Pepsi Black Raspberry bottle.

4. Sit back and enjoy the concert!

The augmented reality concert is now live, so don’t miss your chance to watch this exclusive concert!

Find out more on Pepsi Malaysia's Facebook page.

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