Did You Know That A Malaysian's PPAP Video Got More Views Than The Original?

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The Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen song – or PPAP – swept the world when the highly addictive tune went viral last month

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Three words and a Japanese man in lurid yellow clothing was all it took for the video to become a true viral hit.

The bizarre song about fusing a pen with an apple and a pineapple took some time to gain momentum in becoming viral but there's no stopping ever since the video was posted on entertainment portal 9GAG's Facebook page.

Not only has it achieved a great feat as an Internet-famous song, but Piko-Taro's insanely catchy PPAP song has made a new record, becoming the shortest song ever on the Billboard Hot 100.

While all that was happening, this Malaysian could be laughing his way to the bank

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While the PPAP video has been uploaded by different parties on different social media platforms, this particular one by one Chee Yee Teoh on YouTube is the best in terms of the number of views.

It is believed that the person behind this channel is a Malaysian from Penang.

It's quite amazing once you realise that Chee Yee Teoh's video has more views than the original video that was uploaded on Pika-Taro's YouTube channel!

As of today, the PPAP video on Pika-Taro's YouTube channel has received about 56 million views. It was uploaded on 25 August.

On the other hand, the video on Chee Yee Teoh's channel has received almost double of that amount, at 108 million views! This video has received more views than the original video, despite the fact that it was uploaded almost one month later on 24 September.

The video also recorded a higher number of views than the one that first went viral on 9GAG's Facebook page!

And with the success of this upload, many are speculating that perhaps Chee Yee Teoh could have been an overnight millionaire

Image via Social Blade

Netizens have been discussing on the Internet if Chee Yee Teoh has managed to earn over RM1 million since his estimated monthly earnings ranges from USD26,300 to USD421,300, citing the figures from Social Blade, an online service providing social media statistics and analytics.

"He creates no video but earns more than local YouTubers."

No one really knows if this Chee Yee Teoh managed to monetize from the video he reuploaded, as these are just mostly claims made of assumptions.

It is noted that there have been instances where third-party uploaders managed to make money out of videos they do not own.

However, with YouTube's introduction of Content ID, companies are now able to monetize from videos generally uploaded without their consent.

According to a report titled 'How Google Fights Piracy', as reported by Variety, music companies who found copyrighted material they own on YouTube would choose to leave the content up on the site to generate advertising revenue through Content ID rather than blocking it.

But in any case, this YouTuber has definitely earned some bragging rights!

Image via Chee Yee Teoh

Should it be true that Pika-Taro and his company decide to use Content ID to monetize from Chee Yee Teoh's video, it means that the channel would likely stay up on YouTube.

That would also mean that the number of views will continue to grow, as with the number of subscribers which is at 200,000 and counting!

It's quite an amazing feat, if you ask us :O

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