When K-Drama Noobs Watch 'Descendants Of The Sun' For The First Time...

"Is that Song Joong Ki? Or is that Song Joong Ki?"

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Even if you're not a K-drama fan, you've definitely heard about 'Descendants of The Sun' a.k.a the highest rated K-drama of all time

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It's been all over your timeline and your friends/family members who watch it won't stop talking about it, which begs the question... WHY SO POPULAR ONE?!

So we got some K-drama noobs to watch it to see what the hype is all about

Some were confused...

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Samantha: "Is that Song Joong Ki? Or is that Song Joong Ki?"

John: "They all look the same to me so IDK!"

While others found the cheese factor to be #TOOMUCH

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Nandini: "What is this? Indian movie?!"

And some... well, they just had a good time ;P

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So did they like it? See for yourself here:

Can't get enough of Descendants of the Sun? We've got you covered. ;)