Meet The All-Female Malaysian Trio Who Can Sing In 7 Different Languages

Catch Tiga Soul live on 28 and 29 February at Alexis Ampang!

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What's better than one singer serenading you? Three amazing vocalists serenading you, complete with harmonies.

All-female powerhouse trio, 'Tiga Soul', is well on their way up in the Malaysian music scene and shows no signs of slowing down.

The R&B pop group, which is made up of Sachie Amira, Kelly Siew, and Alesia Dhana, has so much to offer individually.

From left: Siew, Alesia, and Sachie.

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One would never guess that the three, who come from completely different backgrounds and have different vocal tones, are able to complement each other the way these women do

Having been performing for several years now, Sachie and Siew are no amateurs to the Malaysian music industry.

The pair first met musical theatre artiste Alesia during their six-month stint in a cabaret showcase back in 2016.

As that came to an end, the trio wanted to continue their love for performing. And then decided to form what is now Tiga Soul.

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Language is certainly no barrier to them.

Drawing inspiration from their personal experiences, Tiga Soul writes their own songs and can even sing in seven different languages!

In an interview with SAYS, Tiga Soul mentioned that they can perform in English, Malay, Japanese, Korean, French, Hindi, and Mandarin.

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Here's an example of them singing in Korean:

Their latest single, Bad (For Your Heart), is currently playing on the radio and is #1 on Hitz MET10 charts

The soulful song revolves around overcoming toxicity, whether it's in relationships or workplaces.

"You don't have to stay in a bad situation to keep feeling hurt. You need to be strong enough to leave and find that maybe it'll hurt more but eventually, things will get better," Siew, who used to work as a doctor, shared.

"The rest of our singles are usually pretty upbeat or songs about female empowerment. But this is sort of our first ballad," Sachie added.

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Catch Tiga Soul perform at Alexis Ampang on 28 and 29 February!

You can listen to their single Bad (For Your Heart) here:

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