Meet The 3 Malaysian Home Cooks Who Are Geared To Become The First MasterChef Asia

Which of these home cooks will put Malaysian cuisine on the world map?

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"MasterChef". That's the most coveted title in the culinary world according to celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

For the very first time, 15 home cooks from all over Asia will be vying to be the first ever MasterChef Asia on regional television.

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Hailing from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and even India, China, and Taiwan, these 15 home cooks will be pitting their cooking skills against each other in the inaugural 'MasterChef Asia'.

Judging these aspiring chefs are Hong Kong-born culinary genius Susur Lee, 3-Michelin Starred chef Bruno Ménard, and Singapore-born MasterChef Australia finalist Audra Morrice.

From left: Audra Morrice, Susur Lee, and Bruno Ménard.

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In the name of national pride, 3 Malaysian home cooks will be battling it out in the MasterChef Asia kitchen. Get to know them here:

1. Jasbir Kaur, a 54-year-old homemaker who lives in Sarawak, hopes to keep traditional Punjabi cooking alive

The most senior contestant in the competition, Jasbir Kaur developed a passion for cooking when she moved to Sarawak after getting married. The mother of three hopes to pass on the culinary skills of traditional Punjabi cuisine to the younger generations. She also has ambitions to obtain professional accreditation for her cooking skills as well as to prove that amateur home cooks can be skilled in the kitchen.

2. 24-year-old banker Marcus Low is inspired by modern, molecular cuisine and has an inclination for unique ingredient pairings

Marcus Low is confident that he will thrive under pressure during the intense competition in 'MasterChef Asia'. He believes that joining the competition will be his introduction to the culinary world, from which he can go on to establish a name for himself. He also hopes to showcase the wonders of Malaysian cuisine to the world.

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3. Homemaker Sophia Zulkifli passion for food and her diverse interest in the culinary industry spurred her the enter the competition

Besides cooking for her husband and 2-year-old daughter everyday, the 30-year-old homemaker also organises lunches and dinners for her family and friends on a regular basis. Sophia Zulkifli hopes to enter the culinary world as a chef, caterer, or food critic one day.

See the 'MasterChef Asia' hopefuls in action every Thursday from 3 September onwards at 9.00pm on Lifetime Asia (Astro Channel 709). Watch the trailer:

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