Meet The Thai 'Lover Boy' Who Won Hearts At Unlimited Grooves Festival 2018

We can't wait for Phum Viphurit to be back!

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Unlimited Grooves Festival may be over, but we can't get over Thai singer-songwriter Phum Viphurit's performance of his viral single, 'Lover Boy'

Prior to his set last weekend, the 22-year-old Bangkok-born heartthrob has already toured around the world

Phum lived in New Zealand before moving back to Thailand at 18 years old.

The singer-songwriter has ticked off performing in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, the United States, and Europe!

According to New Zealand-based RNZ, Phum's international tours happened because of interest from venues, and not initiated by his label, Rats Records.

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We spoke to Phum over the phone about his origins, his life-changing song, and the one skill his fans don't know he has:

SAYS: Hi Phum! You've come so far at such a young age. How did you first get into making music?

Phum: I started making covers of songs I liked when I was 15 or 16 years old, and I posted them on YouTube just for fun. A couple years later, I realised I was rearranging the songs a lot, changing their chords and key and through that, I developed my own style. 

Then I thought, hey, why not try writing music? So at 17 years old I began writing my own songs.

Image via Urbanscapes

SAYS: Tell us how you moved from YouTube to making music under Rats Records.

Phum: They saw me on YouTube, and approached me when I was starting my first year of college in Thailand asking, "Hey, we're just two people making an artist collective, wanna give us a try?" 

I said,"Cool! That suits me really well,". I've been with them ever since and it's been three to four years. It's been a really great working relationship.

SAYS: Which song of yours, in your opinion, changed your life?

Phum: I think it was 'Long Gone'. For the longest time, I was making music in English but I was stuck in my own country, so it wasn't until 'Long Gone' opened doors to me internationally. That was a true life-changing moment for me.

SAYS: Tell us something your fans don't know about you.

Phum: I'm like, really good at FIFA! I'm really, really good.

I may not beat you, but if you play with me in the best out of five, I'm 80% sure I can beat you. laughs

Image via Urbanscapes

SAYS: 88rising's Higher Brothers jumped on your song, 'Lover Boy' and it sounds amazing! How did you react to that?

Phum: One day I woke up to a message from 88rising asking me if it was cool to have 'Lover Boy' on their album. I was like, cool, of course! It's a great opportunity.

They also asked if it was okay for them to collaborate on it so I sent the track over, they remixed it in three days and I was like cool let's do it! And the rest is history. laughs

Watch the music video for 'Lover Boy' here:

You can also check Phum out on Spotify:

Phum performed alongside Wolf Alice and Bodega over the weekend at Unlimited Grooves Festival, part of Urbanscapes 2018

Image via Urbanscapes

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