11 Loveable Facts About Minions Because Let's Face It, It's Impossible To Hate Them

Banana? Banana!

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1. What's with the mumbo jumbo that Minions speak? It's actually a mixture of Spanish, English, French, and Italian, with some Russian and Korean.

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They sure are a talented multilingual bunch, aren't they?

2. In the Minions world, there are only 5 natural hairstyles. And that's including being bald.

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Can you spot all the 5 hairstyles here?

3. Meanwhile, all the tall minions have the same haircut

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4. The Minions became such a big hit globally that they went on to become the official mascot of Illumination Entertainment

The Minions craze is real as evident by the insane queue at McDonald's, as well as dedicated coffee art in Malaysia a couple of years back. The demand for the Minions toys were no joke, going for auction on eBay at a whopping RM5,050!

5. The not-so-cute evil Minions are purple instead of the yellow we all are familiar with. Why? Because purple and yellow are on opposite sides of the colour spectrum.

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That's actually pretty genius... (mind blown)

6. The idea for the evil Minions actually originated from Tweety Bird drinking a potion and turning into a monster

7. Minions have only three fingers

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8. How did they make supervillain Gru likeable? By surrounding him with the delightfully incompetent Minions, of course.

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Can you say "Awwwww"?

9. Originally, the Minions were supposed to be orc-like, but (thankfully) got tinier through development

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Sometimes bigger isn't always better.

10. Minions who have played important parts in the movies have male names

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11. They can actually survive in outer space. How out-of-this-worldly awesome is that?

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They can resist freezing and don't need to breathe oxygen because YOLO.

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If you still can't get enough of Minions, don't worry because they're back with their own movie!

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Minions premieres on 18 June 2015. Watch the trailer here: