M'sian Host Explains Why She Defended Britney Spears When A Fan Asked About Her Virginity

"I stood up for Britney, but I put another young woman down in the process," the host told SAYS.

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Asha Gill, a Malaysian radio host, recently went viral on TikTok after an old interview she did with Britney Spears in 1999 resurfaced on social media

In the 15-second clip of a Hong Kong television show, a teenage fan can be seen asking the pop star if she was a virgin.

"Britney, my question to you is, I really want to know if you are a virgin?" asked the fan.

Astounded by the question, Asha intervened and asked Spears for permission to answer on her behalf, to which the pop star replied, "Yes, please!"

Asha then gave the young fan a piece of advice — to not ask people such questions

"Can I just say, can you go back to school, can you go talk to your parents, learn some manners, then come back and ask a question because you're wasting our time," said Asha.

"Thank you," Spears replied with a big smile on her face.

Speaking with SAYS about the resurfaced interview, Asha said her knee-jerk response was because she thought the question was inappropriate and rude

"This was at the time when the world was debating Britney's virginity as if it was any of their business. So, I got mad. I felt protective of this young woman sitting opposite me," she told SAYS.

Asha also said that she did not blame the teenager for asking such a question because she might have been told to do so.

"This young and impressionable teen asked a stupid and cringeworthy question, and I feel so awful for her. The video is now going viral, but she doesn't deserve to be trolled or attacked.

"I feel awful that Britney had to go through what she did, but I also feel sh-tty for this young teen who just happened to be the one asking a question that adult men and women in media were discussing," said Asha.

Asha Gill.

Image via South China Morning Post

The host went on to say that she didn't know if the teenager had seen the video online, but she apologised if her reaction upset her

"I stood up for Britney, but I put another young woman down in the process. I feel crap about that, but at the same time, feel it was the best I could do with what was in my control.

"I would love to be able to say sorry to that young woman. If only she was in the room at the time, I could have asked her why she asked that question instead," she added.

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