Najib Wants You To Keep 'Avengers: Infinity War' Spoilers To Yourself


Cover image via Marvel / @NajibRazak

It appears Thanos is not the only one who's urging fans to keep a tight lip on Avengers: Infinity War spoilers

The hashtag #ThanosDemandsYourSilence has been making rounds on social media after the directors, Anthony and Joe Russo, asked fans continually to not share spoilers so that everyone can go into the film with the same level of lack of knowledge.

Many of the stars have echoed this desire as the film itself has so many layers of secrecy that it’s hard to say what is and isn’t real.

Taking a break from GE14 fever, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak took to Twitter this afternoon to "warn" fans not to post any spoilers or major key plot points to Avengers: Infinity War

"How was #AvengersInfinityWar? I see everyone praising the film on my timeline. For those who've watched it, please don't post any spoilers. Let others watch it first. #ThanosDemandsYourSilence" the caretaker prime minister wrote on his Twitter account.

Seriously though, the Internet is now a minefield of spoilers for the blockbuster film. Better tread carefully if you want to truly enjoy the movie. If you've seen it, please, PLEASE do everyone huge a favour and keep quiet for now, ok?

Image via @klementieffx

Because remember, #NajibDemandsYourSilence too. 

In an effort to stop the wave of spoilers, Marvel has also released a new clip, all under the banner of 'Say No to Spoilers'. The PSA features many MCU stars seemingly being interrogated about the new film's secrets:

If you're driving along Federal Highway, remember to look up as the iconic TM Tower has been "transformed" into Stark Tower!

There's a lot to catch up before you watch Avengers: Infinity War:

This was a dream come true for us! We had the chance of interviewing the cast and director Joe Russo in an exclusive press event in Singapore:

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