That One Time Najib Got Involved In A Twitter War Over David Guetta's New Song...


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DJ Snake and Diplo a.k.a. co-creators of the unrelenting earworm 'Lean On' declared war on EDM veteran David Guetta last week, accusing him of ripping off the smash hit for his new song

DJ Snake (left) and Diplo (right) in the 'Lean On' music video.

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Guetta - who has worked with big name artists such as Nicki Minaj, Sia, and Usher - just released new track 'This One's For You', which is also the official anthem for the upcoming Euro 2016 football tournament

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It all began when DJ Snake posted a barrage of tweets to Guetta's Twitter handle, calling the song "horrible" and a "fake 'Lean On'"

Seems like Diplo agreed with DJ Snake's sentiments, as he joined in on the conversation a few hours later

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The duo then engaged in a series of back-and-forth that didn't make much sense...

Image via Your EDM
Image via Your EDM

... Until THIS happened!

Image via Your EDM

Yep, that's our Prime Minister Najib Razak and yep, he's a "bruh" meme. Not sure what the context is, but... funny. :D

We wonder if DJ Snake's had that picture saved in his phone, because we can't find it on Google Images when we searched for "bruh"...

Anyway, back to Guetta's song. Is it really ripped off from 'Lean On'? Listen and compare:

Since face-swapping is a viral trend right now, we decided to test it on our favourite politicians:

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