Namewee's Banned Short Is Nominated For 3 Awards In Berlin Film Fest

The film fest will be held in late October.

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Controversial Malaysian filmmaker Namewee has been nominated for three awards in the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema Berlin 2016, a prestigious global event to honour indie filmmakers

Also know as Film Fest International, the festival started its run in 2006 and has since expanded to hosting film fests in London, Nice, Madrid, Milan, and Berlin in addition to Tenerife, where it first debuted.

The International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema Berlin 2016 will be held from 22 to 29 October.

Namewee a.k.a. Wee Meng Chee's short film, 'The Game of Las Vegas' has been nominated for Best Original Screenplay, Best Short, and - to Wee's surprise - Best Lead Actor in the Foreign Language Film category

Image via The Hive Asia

Directed by and starring Wee in the lead role, 'The Game of Las Vegas' is a 21-minute short black comedy film that follows a jobless gambler who goes on the run with his son and his wife's corpse after he accidentally killed her during an argument about his gambling addiction.

The short has previously been nominated for three awards in the Madrid International Film Festival, which was held in July 2016.

In a Facebook post, Wee expressed his gratitude for the nominations, although he lamented that the short might never see the light of day in Malaysia

Image via The Hive Asia

“Suddenly I received this wonderful news. Thank you Germans for liking my work. Too bad this short film is banned in Malaysia,” he wrote in Chinese.

While the short is not available to be viewed, you can watch the music video for the short here:

In 2014, Wee's fourth film - 'Banglasia' - was famously banned by the Malaysian Censorship Board and Home Ministry alongside several other films: