5 New Series & Movies On Netflix You Should Add To Your New Year Watch List

From drama to reality TV, we've gotchu covered.

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It's the start of 2024, which means plenty of new Netflix shows and movies are coming your way!

If you're spoilt for choice, fret not, we've narrowed down some of the must-see shows and movies you gotta add to your watch list.

Here are the top must-watch releases for this month:

1. The Brothers Sun

Netflix's new action-comedy series, The Brothers Sun, stars Oscar-winning actress Michelle Yeoh, which makes it a no-brainer to add it to your must-watch list in January. 

The Brothers Sun tells the story of a Chinese boy named Bruce Sun, who discovers the truth about his family's identity as Taiwan's most renowned gangsters when his older brother, Charles "Chairleg" Sun, moves to Los Angeles to protect him and his mother. 

Watch if you like: 
- Action
- Comedy 
- Drama
- Martial arts

2. Captivating The King

Image via Netflix

Captivating The King is an upcoming K-drama series that will be available from 21 January onwards, with two episodes released weekly. It's one of the highly anticipated Netflix series this month, especially with the return of actor Cho Jeong-seok since his last drama in 2021. 

It tells the story of a king's entanglement in a royal and political power struggle, during which he meets an intriguing woman whose agenda for revenge transforms into an unintended love. 

Watch it if you like: 
- Period
- Politics
- Romance

3. Bitconned

Image via Netflix

If you love documentaries, Bitconned is a worthy addition to your must-watch list, especially with the ongoing cryptocurrency craze. The movie dives into the unfound territory of cryptocurrency in the late 2010s, and unravels the story of Centre Tech, a crypto company led by a couple scammers with a knack for Photoshop. Just how long can they get away with their crime? 

Watch it if you like: 
- Cryptocurrency
- Documentaries
- Scandals
- True crime

4. Society of the Snow

Image via Dexerto

Society of the Snow was released in October 2023 in Spanish theatres, and is now streaming on Netflix. 

Based on a book with the same name, the critically acclaimed movie documents accounts of all 16 survivors of the Uruguayan 1972 Andes flight disaster that left them stranded on a cold glacier for two and a half months.

Watch it if you like: 
- Dark 
- Drama
- Films based on books
- Survival

5. The Trust: A Game of Greed

Image via Netflix

The Trust: A Game of Greed is the perfect reality show to start your year. Hosted by veteran journalist and former CNN correspondent Brooke Baldwin, The Trust: A Game of Greed isn't your typical reality competition series. Instead of fighting every week to get one step closer to the reward, the contestants are offered the grand prize right from the start. Will they split it evenly or betray each other to earn a bigger share?

Watch it if you like: 
- Competition
- Reality TV 

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