[VIDEO] Is She Gonna Be In The Movie? - Nicol David Spills The Tea On Her Upcoming Biopic

We definitely can't wait for this epic movie to hit the silver screen!

Cover image via @nicoldsquash (Instagram)

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On 7 June, squash legend Nicol David took to her Instagram to announce that her life journey is going to be made into a biopic, whoohoooo!

Titled I Am Nicol David, the biopic will be produced by ACE Pictures Entertainment, a local digital media and film production investment company.

"I'm so thrilled and overwhelmed to announce that we will be producing my biopic movie. I always dreamt of one day tell (sic) my story to be able to inspire everyone to work hard for what they want to achieve and constantly challenge yourself to bigger heights," wrote the eight-time world champion in the caption of her Instagram post.

This movie is definitely gonna be epic, and we can't wait for it to hit the silver screen!

In an exclusive interview with Fly FM, Nicol spills the tea on the upcoming biopic, including deets about how involved she'll be in the making and whether or not she'll be appearing in the film.

Watch the full video below:

Here are some highlights from the interview:

1. As one of the film's producers, Nicol will have a lot of say in how her story is portrayed and will be overseeing various aspects

Nicol: "I'm gonna be one of the producers. I'll be part of it, for sure. I have a lot of say in it because it's gonna be my story. I will be looking through with the production team, to really like pin down what we really are going to talk about, how we're going to put it together, how the feel of everything is gonna be, and they have to know me, you know? So, I have to oversee everything from top to bottom, for sure."

2. Besides following her story from when she was a kid and chronicling her entire squash career, I Am Nicol David also has a deeper meaning that Nicol herself wants to bring forward

Nicol: "The essence of the biopic is really about a woman's will and dedication to just go and do something. To just be at the top and stay there and to be dedicated with my whole heart and soul to be there. It becomes my life, it becomes my everything. And that's what I want to bring forward into the movie."

3. Nicol shared how she actually ended up feeling lost after achieving her goal of becoming World No 1

Nicol: "I think being at World No 1 was a dream come true, and to get there was something like 'Wow, this finally happened! I'm 22 years old and it's all coming together'. And then, I was really lost after that because I had reached my goal, you know? You gear up for it and then suddenly it's like 'Yaaaay! Now what?'.

"I think that was one of the big struggles that I had to go through to understand how do I need to be World No 1. Nobody tells you what to do when you get there. Nobody else who is World No 1 can actually tell you what to do. So, you have to figure it out yourself. I was quite low and losing tournaments and not really getting my footing because I thought I had to be something else."

4. With the help of the people around her who reminded her to be herself, the world champion was able to bounce back stronger than ever

Nicol: "The moment I took that on board, I just worked even harder because I knew being World No 1 is not a given, you just have to keep working harder for it. Then, I just had to make that switch and make new plans. And that's how I started to build another phase of my career to move forward. And that struggle became something that was a turning point for me."

5. Sadly, Nicol will not be making an appearance in the biopic, awww, sed. However, the Penangite is very excited to find the Malaysian who will be portraying her.

Nicol: "No, no, I'm not going to be in the movie. But, we're gonna do a Malaysian casting, like all around Malaysia. So, I'm very excited to find the person who's gonna be acting as me.

"Because that person is gonna be someone from Malaysia, it will be a fun experience and a great process to get to know that actress so that we'll bond and understand how we're gonna portray the story and who I am."

6. And finally, the one main thing Nicol wants her fans to take away from the biopic is that "they can be inspired to do big things"

Nicol: "Whether it's kids or a woman or whoever, they can see that if you want to do something, if you have the will and dedication, you can just really make it happen for yourself. Nothing's gonna stop you. It's only you who has to take that first step to make it happen.

"And I hope more people can see that they have potential in them that they can really bring forth if they really take that first step and make the most of it."

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