Malaysian Band Paperplane Pursuit Beats Maroon 5 On Its 6th Week On The US Billboard Chart

They might not be the first Malaysian artist to be on the charts, but they've certainly stayed the longest!

Cover image via Paperplane Pursuit's Facebook

Six weeks ago, homegrown band Paperplane Pursuit broke into the US Billboard Mainstream Top 40 Indicator Chart at #40 with their single 'Feel Good', joining the ranks of chart-topping artists like Taylor Swift, One Direction, Demi Lovato, and Ed Sheeran!

The Billboard Mainstream Top 40 Indicator Chart maps out the 40 most listened to songs in a particular week on US Billboard radio, meaning it does not include non-Billboard stations, non-USA stations, or web stations. In contrast with the National Airplay Chart, the Indicator chart is non-monitored, meaning that the radio stations are not listened to but made up of what the stations say they have played, usually upon mass request.

For the uninitiated, Paperplane Pursuit - made up of lead vocalist John O, drummer Andrew Yap, and guitarist Isaac Ravi - have been in the music scene since 2009. So far, the band has released 2 full-length albums - 2011's 'Malaysia 2.0' and 2014's 'Higher'

The latest chart rankings, updated on 7 October, saw them at the #30 spot - one step up from last week - placing them ahead of Adam Lambert, Maroon 5, and Little Mix

From their breakthrough into the charts, the band has steadily climbed to #30 the week before last, before dropping one spot to #31 last week.

Right now, these guys need all the help they can get to keep climbing up the charts, so here's how you can help:

Put in a request or two (the more the merrier!) for 'Feel Good' to be played on US radio stations via their Facebook pages and/or Twitter accounts.

List of radio stations you can start with here.

The charts update once a week, so be sure to check out Paperplane Pursuit's progress here!

Great job, Paperplane Pursuit! We're pretty sure your fans (and all of us, really) are super proud of you guys!

Have a listen to the song here:

While you're at it, watch their latest music video 'Who's Gonna Stop Me?!' too:

PS: Spot national gymnast Farah Ann Abdul Hadi! Also, doesn't this video remind you of The Script's 'Hall of Fame'? :)

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