9 Times We Couldn't Handle The Mind Games At The Petrosains ILLUSION Exhibition

It's literally mind boggling.

Cover image via Lee Yee & SAYS

Sensory illusions especially the optical ones have always been fuddling with humans throughout the years. Who ever could forget about "The Dress" that divided families and friends over a colour?

Image via swiked/Tumblr

Yeah, we still see it as white and gold.

So when we were invited by Petrosains to visit their “ILLUSION: Nothing Is as It Seems” exhibition, we knew we couldn't pass up the opportunity. Here are some of the coolest things we encountered.

FUN FACT: The “ILLUSION: Nothing Is as It Seems” exhibition recently showcased in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States of America and Petrosains Kuala Lumpur is their first venue in Asia, which makes it a MUST-VISIT exhibition.

1. When we thought the entrance was this warped and trippy maze! Oh wait, it's just a wall.

Image via Lee Yee, SAYS

2. When we were greeted by this "bottle magic", an art form created by American artist Jeff Scanlan. All the items inside the bottle were inserted without cutting, altering or changing the bottle in any way. HOW?!

Image via SAYS

We know that you can stuff an egg in a bottle. That's easy. But when we found out how this Jeff guy did it, all we could think of was, "Why were his days so free?"

3. When we saw water flowing UPWARDS like someone hit 'rewind'. Watching it in real life was as if time was slowing down...

Image via Darian Goh/SAYS

P.S. This illusion that you're seeing right now can be explained through this video!

4. When this guy kept walking on an endless loop on a vinyl record

5. When "bacteria" crawled up our arms. ARGH! Only do this if you're fearless (or if you're BFF's with bugs).

Image via SAYS

6. When we were brought to a barbershop in the exhibition to get a 'haircut'. It's free, but very geli!

Image via Darian Goh/SAYS

7. When we had to do some headbanging to make things come alive. IT TOTALLY WORKED!

Image via Lee Yee, SAYS

8. When we stumbled onto this magical TV... No one can see what you're watching without these special glasses (cue creative ideas floating in mind)

Image via Darian Goh/SAYS

9. When we saw this famous illusion called the Hurwitz Singularity and couldn't stop walking all around the man's head (Hurwitz was his name)

Image via Darian Goh/SAYS

Bonus: When our eyes needed a break from all the illusions, so we were entertained by professional science communicators!

Image via Darian Goh/SAYS

If you think you can handle all these illusions, here's a little heads up. The Petrosains' "ILLUSION: Nothing Is as It Seems" exhibition will be ongoing until 10 January 2016!

We promise that all exhibits will mess with your senses, showing that what we perceive is often radically different from the reality of what our eyes observe or our ears hear. The exhibition will be at Petrosains, The Discovery Centre, in Suria KLCC!

Get more details and information here!