[PICS/VIDS] 9 Things That Went Right At Chvrches' Satellite Show

Synthpop band Chvrches kicked off Urbanscapes 2014 in KL Live on 19 November and boy, did the Scottish trio give us an amazing show!

Cover image via All Is Amazing / Urbanscapes

1. How many bands would show up to surprise their fans hours before a show? Because that's exactly what Chvrches did! The band even posed for pictures and took group selfies with fans who have turned up early at KL Live.

2. While concertgoers were initially disappointed that the two ladies who appeared onstage weren't Chvrches, local electronic duo +2dB quickly blew the crowd away with their phenomenal beats. Our hearts felt like they were thumping out of our ears!

Local electronic duo +2dB's Jeannie (left) and Jo Ann (right).

Image via All Is Amazing / Urbanscapes

Hailing from Kuala Lumpur, up-and-coming duo +2dB's music is described as range from dreamy ambient to dark electronica. Consists of best friends Jo Ann and Jeannie, the duo is no stranger to the scene, having performed at major events like Urbanscapes and even Future Music Festival Asia.

3. Chvrches finally took to the stage a little bit after 9pm, and it was definitely worth the long wait! The band sounded almost as good live (if not better) as they do on record. It doesn't hurt that KL Live's acoustics are pretty impressive too.

4. The lighting and stage effects of Chvrches' set were pretty cool, especially when the colourful, thin strokes of laser light moved over and through the mass of concertgoers

5. Did you feel the goosebumps crawl all over your arms when the crowd sang along with Lauren for "Tether"? In a good way, of course, 'cos we sure did!

6. Halfway through their set, lead vocalist Lauren Mayberry switched places with Martin Doherty for "Under The Tide", who was a literal ball of energy - bouncing and jumping around the stage throughout his performance. Just, WOW.

7. It might be their last song of the night, but that didn't stop the crowd from going really, really wild when Chvrches finally launched into their hit single "The Mother We Share"

8. To our surprise, fans didn't have to wait long for the band's encore performance as the band came back on stage less than 5 minutes after their "last song for tonight". Chvrches went on the play "You Caught The Light", "Dead Air" from the Hunger Games soundtrack, and "By The Throat"

9. Fans who stayed behind after the show weren't disappointed, as the band took time to interact with them and posed for pictures afterwards - even when they were at the car park!

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