[PICS/VIDS] Michael Bublé's Love For "Lah" & 16 Unforgettable Moments From His KL Concert

It's been close to four years since his last visit and some have waited a lifetime to see Michael Bublé LIVE, but it was definitely worth the wait (and every penny too!).

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Grammy award-winning singer Michael Bublé played to a full-house at Putra Indoor Stadium last night (27 January), despite it being a weeknight!

Seemingly larger than life with a remarkable voice to match, here are some of the best moments from the Canadian crooner's one-night-only performance:

1. Opening act Naturally 7 wowed the audience with a stellar a capella set. No instruments were needed, for their voices did all the talking.

Video via Instagram: ayangkamell

Their uplifting rendition of Coldplay's 'Fix You' was exceptionally well-received. We daresay it's better than the original!

Video via Instagram: lynnzulkarim

Video via Instagram: joannemacethong

2. A round of pretty expensive pyrotechnics signalled Michael Bublé's grand entrance with the smokin' hot 'Fever'

Video via Instagram: chiyo_san_

3. Launching straight into 'Haven't Met You Yet' was a well-played move, Bublé. We're so glad to finally meet you!

4. The jazz crooner is one of the best live singers to ever grace the world stage, but the man is quite a hilarious comedian as well. Like how he wouldn't stop using the word 'lah'...

Video via Instagram: garyhor

5. As if we don't love him enough already, he made a lucky fan's dream come true when he spotted her "Hug-A-Fan Tuesday" sign and even took a selfie with her!

6. Watching concert DVDs and listening to Bublé on Spotify does not do his vocals justice. His voice and charismatic persona are made to be witnessed with your very own ears and eyes.

7. Props to the visual effects team as well, the accompanying graphics are gorgeous and mesmerising to watch!

Video via Instagram: elimsf

8. He may be the star of the night, but Bublé demonstrates a well-established rapport with his band a.k.a Team Bublé. Yes, he introduces each and every one of them like they're players in a sports team, complete with profiles and stats!

9. Then, he told us a story about a song he started writing when he was 16, which - to our surprise - turned out to be 'Everything'!

Video via Instagram: chiyo_san_

Video via Instagram: deannajose

10. The singer's rendition of Bee Gees 'How Can You Mend A Broken Heart' prompted a poignant sing-along from some members of the audience...

Video via Instagram: ddisaster79

11. ... But we're pretty sure almost EVERYONE screamed along to his grandparents' wedding song. No joke.

Video via Instagram: yiwenlim

Video via Instagram: piagetwong

Video via Instagram: deannajose

12. Despite playing to a massive crowd, Bublé's interaction with his fans makes for a rather intimate setting...

Especially when he made his way to the smaller stage at the back with Naturally 7. WE FEEL SO INCLUDED.

Video via Instagram: iqa_1990.

13. Fans also got to take home little pieces of souvenirs from the thousands of heart-shaped confetti let off during 'All You Need Is Love'

14. 'It's A Beautiful Day', and Mr. Bublé is all sunshine and rainbows for the last song before the encore

Video via Instagram: andrewxplores

15. Trading in his black jacket for a fancier-looking one, the singer went right into the eye of the storm with 'Cry Me A River'

Random trivia: In case you're wondering who Michael Bublé's bodyguard is, it's the hulking guy with the stern, unsmiling face behind him in the picture below. His name is José.

16. The moment you realise the three moving planks are actually PLATFORMS...

Video via Instagram: ayangkamell.

17. In a humbling yet glorious moment, the hall fell silent when Bublé sang the last few lines of 'A Song For You' sans mic and even took off his earpiece. The best part? His voice carried all the way to the back.

Video via Instagram: sarahtym

Video via Instagram: eddyakhmar

He sang, he danced, he made us laugh so hard our tummies hurt... but most of all, he gave us an entertaining night we will never forget. We certainly can't wait for the next time he comes to Malaysia.

Here's to hoping it's not another 4-year wait.

K-pop superstar Taeyang is making his way to Malaysia this February, while The Script and Ed Sheeran are set to hold their maiden concerts here in April. Get the details HERE:

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