You’d Wish Kung Fu Panda’s Po Would Stay In Malaysia For Good After Seeing These Photos


Cover image via Where is Panda Village?

We think it's safe to assume that everyone here is familiar with the ever-so-lovable panda, Po from Kung Fu Panda

Image via pandawhale.com

If anything, we can definitely relate to his love for food

Image via nocookie.net

Po is thankfully returning to our screens again this 10th March in Kung Fu Panda 3, continuing his "legendary adventures of awesomeness" where he finds the Panda Village and *gasp* his father!

His journey doesn't end just there, however, because it's just started. And it's now taking him to the search for Panda Village in Malaysia...

He admits, he can be slightly directionally-challenged what with all the confusing signboards

Although he might have gotten off-track a few times during his journey, but it's all ok

Image via KL Bird Park

Because with lending hands from helpful Malaysians, he's back on the right track in his search for the Panda Village!

Po understands the power of media and isn't afraid to use it to help his cause

When in doubt, he flags down cars to ask for help!

Along his search, he discovered a true Malaysian gem - the pasar malam. Now he can happily chow down some local street food.

The excitement for dim sum is real for Po! Oh, the warm comfort feels just like home to him.

Well, it seems his love for durian can easily match the average Malaysian

After all those delicious food, he has to (unwillingly) go for a jog to watch that figure...

...but he prefers a game of basketball in a padang

When Po goes exercising, he takes time to pose for photos as well

With a cute face like that, it's no surprise that Po is not one to be camera shy

Why hide it when you can flaunt it, right?

Although his search might not pan out as well as he had hoped sometimes...

...at the end, it all works out well because with the assistance from helpful Malaysians, Po has located the Panda Village in Sunway Pyramid!

So, make sure you drop by the Panda Village to show Po some love! <3

Po will be at the Orange Concourse at 2PM and 4PM every weekend from 16th January until 7th February 2016! Po aside, shoppers can also enjoy the Lion Dance performance every Sunday, as well as on both days of the Lunar New Year. For more information and schedule, click here.

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