[QUIZ] Tell Us How You Unwind And We'll Reveal Your Entertainment Love Language

Are you a gamer or social media enthusiast?

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It's important to always find time to unwind and relax :D

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Whether it's kicking back after work with a favourite TV show, or muting out the noise from the outside world by plugging in a pair of earbuds and playing your dedicated playlist, you should take a breather from time to time just to do what you want.

And everyone does it a little differently! In fact, did you know that you have an entertainment love language? :O

Tell us how you enjoy spending your free time to unwind, and we'll reveal your entertainment love language:

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Note: This quiz is for entertainment purposes only. Dun so serious, okay? :)

Woohoo! Now that you know your entertainment love language, the next step is finding a device that reflects it.

Luckily, Samsung's new lineup of smart TVs is the perfect place to get started, no matter your preference. Whether your entertainment love language is playing games or listening to music, Samsung has a TV that caters to you.

1. For the gamers - Neo QLED 8K
With an array of next-gen ready features such as support for 4K/120fps or 8K/60fps gameplay, a fast and familiar operating system, a vast library of pre-installed apps, optimal clarity, and colour accurate pixels, you'll be able to enjoy the ideal gaming experience.

2. For those who appreciate art and visual aesthetics - The Frame
Aside from being an aesthetic visual accessory to your living room, The Frame is also a dependable smart TV. It comes with a varying selection of pre-downloaded streaming apps and a dedicated Ambient Mode that functions as a screensaver.

3. For the social media enthusiasts - The Sero
Showcased as a rotating TV that is able to display content in both vertical and landscape portraits, The Sero is specifically aimed for social media enthusiasts. Paired together with its crisp 4K display, it is not only innovative in design, but also doesn't lag behind in performance.

4. For those with a flair for style - The Serif
A smart TV that can subtly blend into your interior through its distinctive design, the TV frame itself looks like a letter, with a flat top that offers a space to put small house plants, photo frames, or any other relevant accessories.

5. For the music lovers - The Freestyle
The Freestyle is a mini-projector that allows you to get your entertainment kick no matter where you are. You won't need to lug around huge speakers if you wanna use it outdoors because it has dependable integrated speakers which offer up 3D surround sound.

Samsung is also holding its #ItsMYTV contest which you can join now until 1 January 2023 to stand a chance to win great prizes, which includes some of the smart TVs from above!

Image via Samsung

Just follow the instructions above and tell your story. Don't be shy, be creative about it! ;)

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