Rihanna Accused Of Cyberbullying After Joining Mocking Of #PromBat

16-year-old Alexis Carter decided to wear a Rihanna-inspired outfit to her prom but never expected her idol to join in the mockery that swamped the Internet after.

Cover image via @rihanna/Twitter

A 16-Year-Old Fan Of Rihanna Who Wore An Outfit To Prom That Was Inspired By One Of The Singer's Red Carpet Looks Later Found Herself Being Mocked By Internet Users And Rihanna Herself

16-year-old Alexis Carter in an outfit that was inspired by RiRi's Alexandre Vauthier jumpsuit.

Image via Alexis Carter

Alexis Carter, the 16-year-old from Baltimore who wore an outfit to prom inspired by RiRi's Alexandre Vauthier jumpsuit and was ultimately bashed publicly by the singer, tells E! News she's hurt by Rihanna's two alleged posts on Twitter.


A Family Friend Made The Outfit For Her And It Was Well-Received At Her Prom But Her Photos Were Later Altered By Social Media Users With The Added Hashtag #PromBat

Alexis Carter pictured next to Wile E. Coyote, a Looney Tunes character.

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Alexis Carter photoshopped into an image with other wingsuit fliers.

Image via @Ghiaan_ZA/Twitter

Alexis Carter photoshopped into an image with the header 'The Dark Thot Rises'.

Image via CBC

A photoshopped image of US First Lady Michelle Obama (originally in participation of the #BringBackOurGirls campaign) holding up a photo of Alexis Carter in a Alexandre Vauthier inspired jumpsuit.

Image via @DustinRossSaid/Twitter

16-year-old Alexis Carter pictured in a photoshopped image including the Batman symbol in the sky.

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To Make Matters Worse, Rihanna Herself Joined In The Mockery By Posting Two Photos Of Alexis, Including One Of The Teen Next To Wu Tang's Bat-Like Logo

Rihanna tweets a photo of herself in an Alexandre Vauthier jumpsuit next to 16-year-old Alexis Carter.

Image via @rihanna/Twitter

Rihanna tweets a photo of 16-year-old Alexis Carter next to Wu Tang's bat-like logo.

Image via @rihanna/Twitter

Then, unbelievably, the singer tweeted out a composite “Who Wore It Best”-style photo of Alexis and herself wearing their jumpsuits and captioned it simply with an emoticon of a sad face. Then she tweeted yet another photo of the high-schooler alongside the Wu-Tang Clan’s lookalike logo (which was later retweeted by Busta Rhymes).


"I Picked That Outfit Because My Idol Had Worn It, I Loved Her," Said 16-Year-Old Alexis Carter

Rihanna in an Alexandre Vauthier jumpsuit at the 2010 Echo Awards in Berlin.

Image via Rihannaoverdose

Alexis Carter, 16, said when she first saw Rihanna’s green, winged outfit she knew she had to have it. "I was like, 'Oh my God, I love this outfit, I wanna go with this outfit let me go show my mom,' and I was like, 'Mom, mom, mom, I wanna wear this, it's cool, I love it, oh my god,'" she told Fox Baltimore.


"I picked that outfit because my idol had worn it. I loved her," Alexis said, but since Rihanna's tweets mimicking Carter's outfit hit the web, she's taken steps to remove the 'Unapologetic' singer from her life.


"I Was Very Offended...She Doesn't Love Her Fans Like She Says She Does," Said Carter

Alexis Carter in the Alexandre Vauthier inspired jumpsuit that Rihanan wore to the 2010 Echo Awards in Berlin.

Image via @Lexxy_Charms/Twitter

"I was very offended. Why throw shade on it when you had on the exact same thing? The poses was different but the outfit wasn't,” Alexis told Fox Baltimore. "She don't love her fans like she says she does.”


She told the news station that it's been several days but the insults haven’t let up, and she’s afraid to show her face outside.


E! News Reached Out To Rihanna's Rep But Has Yet To Hear The Singer Comment On The Controversy

Rihanna poses at the 2010 Echo Awards in Berlin.

Image via Huffington Post

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