#RIPMrsWolowitz: 15 Times Her Ear-Splitting Voice Stole The Show In 'The Big Bang Theory'

Rest in peace, Carol Ann Susi. Your loud, obnoxious voice and overbearing ways will forever be missed.

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Actress Carol Ann Susi, who is best known as the voice of the unseen Mrs. Wolowitz in the hit comedy TV series The Big Bang Theory, passed away on 11 November after a battle with cancer. She was 62.

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"The Big Bang Theory family has lost a beloved member today with the passing of Carol Ann Susi, who hilariously and memorably voiced the role of Mrs. Wolowitz," CBS, Executive Producers Chuck Lorre, Steve Molaro and Bill Prady and Warner Brothers Television said in a statement.


Although her character has never appeared on-screen, fans of The Big Bang Theory would remember her fondly as Howard Wolowitz's hilariously mouthy and overbearing mother, thanks to her ear-splittingly screechy and husky voice.

Mrs. Wolowitz is often heard yelling at the top of her lungs off-screen, often at Howard, who always seems to get increasingly frustrated with his mother as the conversation goes on.

"Unseen by viewers, the Mrs. Wolowitz character became a bit of a mystery throughout the show’s eight seasons. What was not a mystery, however, was Carol Ann’s immense talent and comedic timing, which were on display during each unforgettable appearance."


In fact, one of the show's funniest moments played on the close relationship between Howard and his mother, particularly of their comedic banter and occasional screaming matches that had both characters taking jabs at each other with witty one-liners and scathing remarks

Taking a leaf out of Norman Bates' book, Howard recreates 'Psycho' in his mother's bedroom.

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In remembrance of the late Carol Ann Susi, we look back at some of Mrs. Wolowitz's most memorable non-appearances on The Big Bang Theory:

1. When Mrs. Wolowitz went shopping with Sheldon and needed help to stuff herself into a piece of clothing... and we all know how Sheldon is about personal space

2. The times Mrs. Wolowitz thought the house was being broken into by sex criminals, but it's just Howard

Image via tumblr.com
Image via tumblr.com

3. When she refused to come to terms with Howard's "tuchus" leaving Earth for the NASA space expedition he was picked for

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4. The time Mrs. Wolowitz's voice was so loud it broke the laws of vacuum in outer space when Howard was in outer space

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5. When Mrs. Wolowitz refused to turn on the computer in fear of catching a computer virus

Image via tumblr.com
Image via tumblr.com

6. When Mrs. Wolowitz took the mickey out of Howard for being a "big shot astronaut" when he was on a video conference with NASA

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7. That one time Mrs. Wolowitz needed help to get out of the bath tub and not even Raj (who has always been a good bro to Howard) would give Howard a hand

8. When Mrs. Wolowitz interrupted the boys' sleepover and woke everybody up by yelling through the door of Sheldon and Leonard's apartment

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9. That one time Mrs. Wolowitz bribed Raj with a home-cooked dinner and then guilt-tripped him into staying with her after Howard moved out

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10. The time Howard got married and Mrs. Wolowitz refused to move closer to the wedding party in case she falls off the roof

11. When Mrs. Wolowitz forgot that Howard is not 10 years old anymore and told him to "play outside"

12. When Howard explained why bugs come in the Wolowitz family home

13. The times Mrs. Wolowitz and Howard would yell at each other about answering the phone

14. Every time Mrs. Wolowitz calls Stuart, "Stewie", which kinda makes Howard jealous because he thinks he's being replaced

Image via tumblr.com
Image via tumblr.com

15. When Mrs. Wolowitz called Howard out for "being ashamed" of his mother when his friends are here to hang out

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