SAYS Exclusive: Chris Hemsworth Speaks Malay & Teaches Us How To Strike A MIB-Worthy Pose

Can Chris Hemsworth count to 10 in bahasa? :p

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This is definitely one of the highlights of our year.

Last month, we got to meet Chris Hemsworth (!!!) a.k.a. Agent H in the upcoming Men in Black: International as part of a recruit programme in Bali.

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Yep, we were in MIB boot camp! We had the privilege of learning how to tie the iconic black tie from Agent H himself...

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... And the basics of striking a power pose!

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In return, we helped him do a little revision on how to count to 10 in Malay*. :p

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*For those who don't know, he learnt Bahasa Indonesia in school and thankfully, knows just enough for us to speak in a shared language. :D 

PS: We even got to train with (and be tortured by, heh) Chris Hemsworth's personal trainer, Luke Zocchi

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Watch our interview with Chris Hemsworth HERE:

Men in Black: International, starring Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, Emma Thompson, and Liam Neeson, premieres in cinemas nationwide on 13 June 2019

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Did you know: Chris Hemsworth was in Malaysia to film a movie in 2015?

Also, check out how Chris and his Marvel co-stars looked like when they were itty bitty children:

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