Scalpers Are Reselling Tickets To Ed Sheeran's KL Concert For More Than RM8,000

The tickets are originally priced from RM198 to RM458.

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Tickets to Ed Sheeran's long-awaited concert in KL finally went on sale this morning, 15 May at 10am. To nobody's surprise... tickets were all snapped up within the hour of its release.

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Organised by AEG Presents and PR Worldwide, tickets for Ed Sheeran's upcoming concert in Kuala Lumpur are priced at RM198, RM298, RM358, and RM458.

While some managed to get their tickets, many complained that they faced ever-increasing waiting times on the ticketing site and even experienced session time-outs after a good while of waiting.

Within the hour of its release, tickets to the concert have already begun popping up in unofficial ticket reseller sites like Viagogo, with tickets going for at least RM1,286!

Image via Viagogo

The RM1,286 tickets are for the free standing zone, which is originally priced at RM358.

If you think that's preposterous, we also found out that some tickets were going for as high as RM8,379!

Image via Viagogo

Tickets for that section (CAT 1) were originally priced at RM458. That's a RM7,921 difference and 17 times its actual price!

Scalpers are also reselling their tickets via another ticket reseller site StubHub, with tickets being offered from RM1,000 to RM2,316

Image via StubHub

Similarly in Singapore, tickets to Ed Sheeran's concerts were sold out and subsequently sold for much higher prices on sites like Viagogo and Carousell, even after a second date was added

AEG Presents, who is also the organiser for Ed Sheeran's concerts in Singapore, has warned that "unlawful resale (or attempted unlawful resale) of a ticket would lead to seizure or cancellation of that ticket without refund or other compensation".

Meanwhile, there were also allegations that an employee of Sports Hub Singapore, the company handling ticket sales for the concerts, had bought a bulk of more than 200 tickets to be resold at inflated prices (screenshots below). Sports Hub has since denied the allegations, saying that their investigation "found no evidence to support the allegation that a member of staff had 'looted' tickets to Ed Sheeranโ€™s concerts".

What do you think event organisers should do to do away with ticket scalpers who resell tickets at ridiculously inflated prices? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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