We Got A World Champion Magician To Teach Us A Simple Card Trick. Can You Do It?

And all you need is a deck of cards.

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Shawn Farquhar is a World Champion magician from Canada

He's been on The Ellen Show, stumping her with a few card tricks

Shawn even managed to fool famous magicians on the "Penn & Teller: Fool Us" show. Yeah, even magicians themselves couldn't figure out the tricks up his sleeve!

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So you can imagine how excited we were when Shawn Farquhar came to the SAYS office to teach and show us some tricks himself!

Image via SAYS.com

WATCH Shawn in action here:

After spending time learning card tricks with Shawn Farquhar, Judith Yeoh, Head of Content at SAYS admitted that, "Watching a world-class magician like Shawn perform in front of you is such a mind-blowing experience. There's a slight element of skepticism when you observe magicians on YouTube, but when you feel and see an entire deck of cards turn into a plastic block under your palm - you step into an insane new level of awe. It was a crazy first-hand experience of magic turning into 'reality'!"

Yup, there's nothing like watching Shawn Farquhar LIVE. Catch him and other renowned magicians at the Superstar Of Magic 4 at Resorts World Genting. More info here.