'Single's Inferno' Choi Si-Hun Whom Nobody Picked Is Now Engaged To K-Pop Artiste Ailee

Even if Ji-a doesn't choose you, a superstar will.

Cover image via @choi_hun2 (Instagram) & @aileeonline (Instagram)

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Singer-songwriter Ailee is reportedly engaged to Single's Inferno contestant, Choi Si-hun

Korean news outlet News1 broke the news yesterday, 14 May.

In March, the singer's agency, A2Z Entertainment, released an official statement confirming that she was in a relationship to a non-celebrity businessman, who is now revealed to be Choi Si-hun.

"Ailee is currently dating a non-celebrity man, whom she was introduced to by her acquaintance, with the goal of getting married next year.

"Ailee plans to deliver good news to her fans directly as soon as she is ready. We ask that you show support and look upon their relationship with warmth," read the statement.

Image via News18

Following the reveal of their relationship, Ailee reportedly took to her social media to express her sentiments, sharing, "I had hoped to share this joyous news when the time was right. Though feeling slightly robbed of that moment, the overwhelming support and warm wishes from all of you have made me want to embrace this happiness with everyone."

In October, Choi Si-hun was spotted supporting Ailee at her show

Choi Si-hun was a participant in season one of South Korea's popular reality dating series, Single's Inferno

During the season, he was pursuing contestant Ji-a, who ended up picking Kim Hyeon-joong as her partner.

32-year-old Choi Si-hun is also a model and an actor in The New Employee (2022), I Ate Well Today (2021), Romanced (2021), Café Kilimanjaro (2020), Clumsy Love (2019) and I Started Following Romance (2019). He currently runs a restaurant in Jongno, Seoul.

Ailee, who is 35, is an American singer-songwriter based in South Korea. She rose to fame with her debut single, Heaven, in 2012. Her other hit songs include U & I, I Will Go To You Like The First Snow, and Evening Sky.

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