You Just Know These 12 Things Will Happen If Star Trek Came From Malaysia

Hidup lama dan makmur, my friends!

Cover image via SAYS via Paramount Pictures

Directed by Justin Lin, the man behind the action-filled, blockbuster Fast And Furious movie franchise, the much-anticipated Star Trek Beyond is coming to the cinemas this 22nd July 2016, and you can bet there's gonna be lotsa action happening.

Excitement aside, have you ever wondered what it would be like if Star Trek took place in Malaysia?

1. We figured when posing in pictures, we won't use the peace sign anymore

2. Instead of Star Trek Enterprise, it would be called Star Trek Sdn. Bhd.

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3. The rojak languages between Manglish and Klingon will be quite interesting...

Image via imgur.com

4. All the cars would slow down as they pass by this sick ride because #kepoh

We'd hope they don't show up during peak hours because traffic jam will just be x7824827 times worse

5. Instead of Chris Pine, we'd have our very own local talent, Remy Ishak play Captain Kirk

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And perhaps his name should be Kapten Jamal Kirk!

6. As for Spock, Bront Palarae would be perfect since he's already rocking the blue really well

7. Plus, it seems both Remi and Bront are already besties irl #methodacting

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8. We would probably break dress code and wear the uniform with slippers

9. Instead of Chickaboo the ostrich, we'll see an alien creature on the Malaysian highway and going viral instead

Image via Jeff Sandhu

10. You definitely wouldn't want this person to double park behind you

*honks for an eternity*

11. The crew would celebrate winning an intergalactic battle with a round of teh tarik at the mamak

12. Alas, the rempit races will be super extreme on a whole different level...

Before your imaginations run too wild, make sure you don't miss out Star Trek Beyond this 22nd July 2016!

What do YOU think would happen if Star Trek was from Malaysia? Let us know in the comments below. :)