6 Times Taiwanese Actor Eddie Peng Went Above And Beyond For His Film Roles

"It's the only way the character will look convincing. If I'm going to rely on my stunt double for most of the moves, then I don't really see the point in taking on the role."

Cover image via IMDb & South China Morning Post

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It's no secret that many actors rely on stunt doubles, especially in action-packed films.

Taiwanese actor Eddie Peng, however, would rather do stunts himself.

41-year-old Eddie Peng is one of Asia's most prolific actors. Born in Taiwan and raised in Canada, Eddie was studying economics at the University of British Columbia, before deciding to pursue his passion in acting.

Although his unmistakable good looks earned him a stepping stone in his acting career, it was his can-do personality and perseverance that set him off to stardom.

Touted as the next Bruce Lee, he fully commits himself, and tries to perform his own stunts for every role, even if he has to spend months training for it.

"It's the only way the character will look convincing. If I'm going to rely on my stunt double for most of the moves, then I don't really see the point in taking on the role," he said in an interview during a movie tour promo

As one of the most respected idols for his dedication and powerhouse performance, Eddie has starred in many iconic roles. Here's a look at all the times he's gone above and beyond:

1. Ashin — Jump Ashin! (2011)

Image via IMDb

Eddie played the title role of Ashin, a young gymnast whose life has revolved around training since he was a young boy growing up in the small town of Yilan.

The director had initially considered selecting a professional gymnast to play Ashin, but Eddie was serious about the role, and insisted on performing the stunts himself.

As such, Eddie had to get into the shape of a professional gymnast. He trained for 12 hours a day for three months, learning stunts and gymnastic moves that transformed him into a professional who could do backflips. He also underwent a very strict diet of boiled vegetables, while avoiding all oily and salty foods.

2. Lin Si Qi — Unbeatable (2013)

Image via IMDb

Eddie also starred in action film Unbeatable, playing Lin Si Qi, a mixed martial arts fighter. Directed by Dante Lam, Unbeatable marked the beginning of many blockbusters that Eddie and the veteran director would collaborate on. 

In an interview with Wall Street Journal, Eddie shared that although he had a background in boxing, he underwent six to eight hours of intense training every day for two months. Even during filming, which took around 10 hours daily, Eddie would still train to maintain his physique. 

3. Wong Fei Hung — Rise of the Legend (2014)

This film saw Eddie taking up martial arts to prepare for the role of Wong Fei Hung, a folk hero who joins a gang with the intention of taking it down.

Based on true events, Wong Fei Hung was a famous Chinese martial artist, featured in numerous martial arts films played by veteran actors like Jet Li, Jackie Chan, and Vincent Zhao. According to JayneStars, when it was Eddie's turn to play Wong Fei Hung, Eddie revealed he was nervous to the extent that he suffered sleepless nights. 

Nevertheless, the actor gave it his all, training 10 hours a day to prepare for his role. Filming was also physically demanding for him too. In one particular scene, the actor had to jump from a three-storey building and punch a brick wall, causing him to sprain his wrist. 

4. Qiu Ming — To The Fore (2015)

Image via Pinterest

In this unconventional drama film that Eddie and Dante collaborated on, the actor plays a professional cyclist competing in the cutthroat world of competitive road cycling. 

Dante had high expectations for the film. According to JayneStars, to ensure that the cast were well-prepared for their roles, Dante hired Olympic-grade cyclists as personal trainers to oversee Eddie and his co-star Carlos Chan's training. 

Eddie practised 12 hours a day, stating that he and Carlos cycled 60 kilometres per day, eventually going up to 120 kilometres, and at one point, 200 kilometres. This was on top of various other trainings that took place. In fact, the actor's regime was so intense that he even earned qualifications for competitive racing. 

5. Ma Feng — Call of Heroes (2016)

Image via IMDb

By the time he took this role, Eddie was no stranger to kung fu films. In Call of Heroes, however, there was one particular occasion that perfectly illustrated Eddie's professionalism and dedication.

In the film, Eddie plays a free-spirited wanderer whose fate is led by his horse, his one and only companion. He comes across a town in dire need of help, and ends up getting tangled in its mess.

During filming, Sammo Hung, an actor-turned-action director, forced Eddie to repeat a stunt 53 times, which required Eddie to do a flying kick, while being strapped to a wire work.

Getting strapped to cables for stunt scenes is normal, but many actors have shared that it can be a painful and uncomfortable experience.

In fact, Sammo was full of praise for Eddie, stating that the actor never once complained during filming.

6. Gao Qian — The Rescue (2020)

The Rescue, one of the highest-grossing Chinese films of all time, marked the fourth time Eddie and Dante worked together. 

It is also the film that made headlines around the world, as news about Eddie almost drowning several times while filming spread like wildfire. 

"I am a good swimmer, but when you are several tens of metres underwater in water measuring six degree Celsius, it's totally different from swimming," said Eddie in an interview with South China Morning Post

Although the entire cast in the film had to do their own stunts, Eddie bore the heaviest burden, as not only did he have to film physically demanding action scenes, he also played the role of the rescue team's captain, who has a son. In fact, Eddie said filming for The Rescue — which took eight months to complete — is one of his most dangerous to date. After filming wrapped up, Eddie was afraid to swim for a long while. 

These films are perfect examples that Eddie isn't only known for his good looks, but also for his dedication, passion, and determination to reach new heights.

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