The 5 Creepiest, Most Disturbing Encounters Of The Annabelle Doll

She might just be behind you...

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Dolls can be really creepy

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Like really, really creepy. Especially when there are reported sightings of them in public. Like this one, in Chicago.

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We received stories from five eyewitnesses who have told similar accounts of encounters with this red-haired doll, Annabelle

The names below are not the real names of eyewitnesses.

Mr Lim saw the doll peering through his window. Until today, he couldn't sleep without thinking about her haunting eyes

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“ .... I know it sounds too good to be true but it's definitely gross enough to churn the stomach of anyone who looks at it for too long. There is no mistaking those eyes – dull, death-like and scary. It was that of Annabelle’s! Till today, those eyes still haunt me in my sleep.”

Sadie was looking out her bedroom window before spotting her in an abandoned playground

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“It was a gorgeous night, with the moon in total awe. I gazed out my bedroom window that overlooks the old abandoned playground. Suddenly a lone figure above the children’s slide caught my eye. Masked in the glow of the moon beams, it strikes a lonely eerie figure!”

Awang was awoken by noises while staying at a hotel. When he decided to check it out, he saw a doll like figure roaming the hallways...

“Light rapping and hush whispers outside my hotel room door woke me. In a dazed state, I opened my door and peek outside. I didn’t notice it at first, but there appeared a doll like figure lurking at the end of the hallway. The hair on my arms and the back of my neck stood on end. It was an indeed scary experience.”

Brandon recalled his experience in a public toilet, hearing a loud baby cry and cockroaches crawling out in the adjacent cubicle

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“While answering the call of nature, I heard the door at the adjacent cubicle creak shut, indicating another toilet patron. It's not enough that roaches suddenly started crawling out suddenly over my feet; and a crying of a baby can be heard crying inside as well, but the sound of screeching nails gave me the creeps. Rushing out, I was sure I saw a mop of red hair.”

Marianne was walking towards the bus stop before locking eyes with Annabelle. She was sitting upright at the bus stop looking at her... smirking.

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“As I looked up from across the street, perched upright in a sitting position, was an abandoned doll at my regular bus stop. My view was suddenly blocked by a few busses going by, but as I looked up again, watching the last bus drive away. Our eyes met. I saw Annabelle. There was no mistaking her blood red hair and smirking smile.”

Have you seen her? #WhereIsAnnabelle? She's coming for you soon...