The Voice Of Gollum Will Direct New "The Jungle Book" Movie

Andy Serkis, popularly known for his voice works for Gollum in "The Lord Of The Rings" trilogy will be directing a live-action version of "The Jungle Book" for Warner Bros.

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Andy Serkis Will Direct A Live-Action Version Of "The Jungle Book" For Warner Bros.

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Andy Serkis will direct a live-action version of “The Jungle Book” for Warner Bros., a move to catch up with Disney’s rival project.


"The Jungle Book" previously had Alejandro González Iñárritu attached to direct. After Iñárritu dropped out over scheduling conflicts, Warner Bros. briefly entertained the possibility of bringing Ron Howard on board, but talks apparently didn’t get very far.


You May Recognise Him By His Voice As Gollum In "The Lord Of The Rings" Films

Andy Serkis was the voice of Gollum in the LOTR films.

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Andy Serkis next to Gollum.

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"The Jungle Book" Film Will Be Based On Rudyard Kipling's Classic Tales About An Orphan Boy Raised In The Jungle

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The original book was published in 1894 and includes, among a number of other animal-themed stories, the classic tales of an Indian boy named Mowgli who is raised by wolves and lives among the other animals in the jungle.


According To Reports, Warner Bros. Hopes "The Jungle Book" Will "Explore Life And Death Issues And Be True-To-Life In Portraying Animal Behaviour"

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Warner Bros.’s Jungle Book has a script by Callie Kloves, daughter of Harry Potter screenwriter Steve Kloves. He’ll serve as a producer on the project. Her take is described as being faithful to the source material, which is darker and more realistic than Disney’s animated take from 1967.


Warner's Version Of "The Jungle Book" Will Have To Compete With Disney's Adaptation Currently In The Works

Warner's version of The Jungle Book will have to compete with another adaptation currently in the works. Jon Favreau is set to helm a Walt Disney Pictures take, planned for release on October 9, 2015.


Disney is also said to be looking for a mixed-race actor to play Mowgli, the boy raised by wolves in the jungles of central India. The studio will focus on the Kipling story Mowgli's Brothers. Other fables by the writer, such as the story of heroic mongoose Rikki-Tikki-Tavi and the tale of elephant handler Toomai, are likely once again to be ignored.


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