Malaysian Animators Get Their Work Featured In Popular Naruto Series

The anime series is a sequel and spin-off to 'Naruto'.

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If you happen to catch episode 53 of 'Boruto: Naruto Next Generations', keep your eyes glued until the end as a group of Malaysian animators have taken part in the creation of that episode!

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The anime series is a sequel and spin-off to 'Naruto'. It tells the tale of Naruto's son Boruto and his peers from Konohagakure's ninja academy finding a path to follow once they grow up.

The show premiered on 5 April last year.

The group of animators are part of Dreamatix Studio, a new startup company focusing on pre-production and animation work

Dreamatix Studios posted a screenshot of the end credits on its Facebook page accompanied with the caption, "We got to do 'Boruto' for one episode, how cool is that. Even got an end credit and the interns' name in it."

Really, really cool indeed.

The animators are: Ahmad Zaim, Amirul Asyraf, Nuramirah, Mohd Syahiran, Jeremy Anadajoo, Adam Izmir, Hanisah, Aliscen Khaw, Nurfarain, Mohammad Hageemie, Muhammad Amirul Afham, Bobo, Syahirul Azmir, and Muhammad Zainul Ariffin.

Although the company worked on the episode, it clarified that it did not design and animate the entire episode

Rough keys or known as rough construction is the process of sketching the skeleton of the animation. 

But the achievement still calls for a celebration. Who knows, they might work on an entire series in the future. Good job, guys! :D

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There's no shortage of animation talent here in Malaysia. Last year, we had the chance of speaking to Kiki Poh, a shading and grooming artist who has worked on hit films like 'Toy Story 3' and 'Cars':

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