Things You Probably Didn't Know About The Obsessively Handsome Tom Hiddleston

He thinks "Twitter is kind of like a school noticeboard"

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To start off, the obsessively handsome Hiddleston thinks that "Twitter is kind of like a school noticeboard where some people put up important information, some put up graffiti, some put up jokes and some put up really terrible things"

He's really good at impressions. When Tom does an interview he really likes to do impressions of co-stars and other actors. Watch this gem compilation of all of his best impressions:

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Tom knows that of all the things in world fame is temporary. This is what he says about fame: "I usually just have to treat it with a shrug and a sense of humor and not worry about it too much."

According to his own admission, he's never had more fun on a set in his life than he had while doing 'Muppets Most Wanted.' He says that he "actually couldn't deal with it. I had to say, 'Can we just stop for a minute?'"

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That he's really, really committed to the character he plays. Take for example his Loki character, what kind of messed-up demigod would push an innocent child off a bean bag? Loki, as portrayed here by Tom in a Comedy Central commercial, that's who.

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He's a killer on the dance floor. After you watch this video of him dancing on a South Korean TV show, you would probably think he's a dancing machine:

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Did you enjoyed that? Well, here's another cool video of him and Benedict Cumberbatch dancing off:

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Tom, as per his own admission, has a terrible fear of wasting time. He says: "Who knows? Maybe I should relax a bit and working too hard is wasting time."

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He also has a fear of regret. He says: "I'm not afraid of death, although I know that sounds odd"

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Happy Birthday, Tom! :)

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