This Indonesian Guy Is Having Way Too Much Fun Putting Superheroes In Naughty Situations

There are fan-fiction and Tumblr headcanons, and then there's Hrjoe and his wild imagination. NOTE: Some photos may be a little NSFW e.g. bare Avenger butts.

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For someone who dabbles in photography as a hobby, Indonesian native Edy Hardjo is doing one heck of a job capturing his superhero figurines in wildly hilarious situations

With a little strategic lighting and composition as well as some help from photo editing softwares, Edy a.k.a. Hrjoe offers us a glimpse into the private world of our favourite superheroes when they're not saving the world and helping old ladies cross the road.

With a little strategic lighting plus some help from photo-editing softwares, Edy a.k.a. Hrjoe shows us what our favourite superheroes get up to when they're not saving the world from baddies

Batman eats alone, you guys. You can't sit with him.

Image via Facebook: Hrjoe Photography

Superheroes are really just children at heart.

Image via Facebook: Hrjoe Photography

Like when the Thor, The Hulk, Wolverine and Spider-Man got s***-faced drunk and decided to take a leak in public... while checking out Hulk's impressive size

Figuring out the extent of The Hulk's growth is serious business.

Image via Facebook: Hrjoe Photography

My teammate's being attacked by a weird alien creature... but first, lemme take a selfie

Better hurry up, Spidey! The Avengers do not like to be kept waiting...

The Avengers' very own Cinderella, Spider-Man.

Image via Facebook: Hrjoe Photography

The Hulk is a man-beast of many talents...

... But getting rid of mice definitely isn't one of them

Stark Industries might have stopped manufacturing weapons, but thanks to his charming personality, Tony Stark's is no stranger to starting "wars" of his own

Whatever happened to Science Bros before Black Widow, Tony?!

Image via Facebook: Hrjoe Photography

Is the blooming relationship between Black Widow and The Hulk signs of a future romance?

That had better NOT be a Hulk baby.

Image via Facebook: Hrjoe Photography

Sweet mother of Thor, what we wouldn't give to be Catwoman and Black Widow right now. Wolverine's got some real shiny buns!

World's Mightiest Heroes? More like World's Mightiest Perverts!

Ghost Rider's fiery head has a lot of uses...

... But whatever comes out from the other side... pheee-ewwww!

The superheroes' biggest concern isn't The Joker or any other villain... it's actually Mr. Bean

Who knew toy photography could look so realistic? Check out the rest of Hrjoe's amazing works on his Facebook and Instagram!

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