WTH Is Up With The New Horror Movie 'Get Out' And Why Is Everyone Freaking Out About It?

It's breaking box office records as we speak!

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'Get Out' is the number one movie in the US right now and is officially the highest-grossing original debut ever!

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Grossing $160 million in the US alone, 'Get Out' has sent shock waves throughout the film industry with both critics and audiences singing praises.

The horror movie with a twist tells the story of a young black man, Chris, who visits his white girlfriend's wealthy, liberal parents in the suburbs for the first time. The community seems pleasant, but the atmosphere quickly changes into something far more sinister.

The film taps into casual racism and the black man's fear of the white people's fear of the black man (brilliant, no?) We can't help but draw parallels to Malaysia and the (often unspoken) undercurrent of racial tensions.

Check out the official trailer:

So, why is everybody freaking out about 'Get Out'?

1. It’s the first modern horror film to get a 100% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes :O

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The film now has over 200 positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and previously had a 100% "fresh" rating, the highest ever for a modern horror movie. It has since dropped to 99% due to one negative review who many call out to be a troll :O

Critics worldwide have been praising the heck out of it:

"An exhilaratingly smart and scary freak out about a black man in a white nightmare." - the New York Times

"Like all great movies, “Get Out” faithfully obeys the conventions of its genre — in this case horror films shot through with brutal wit and sharp-eyed allegory." - The Washington Post

"Get Out smartly balances its tones to provide viewers with an entertaining and clever satire that is equal parts funny and terrifying." - Screenrant

2. Best known for his comedy, Jordan Peele shocked everyone by writing and directing this unexpected horror masterpiece

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If you haven’t yet watched a skit from “Key & Peele,” you are seriously missing out on fantastic entertainment. Jordan Peele makes up one-half of the comedy duo. Insanely creative and with a unique vision, “Get Out” marks his debut as a director.

While the movie is packed with thrills and horror, he manages to slide in hilarious moments too :D

3. It’s way more than just cheap thrills and special effects

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Tbh this film belongs in a genre of its own. It’s easy to label it as a horror/thriller, but it’s really so much more than that. There are jump scares and creepy feelings, but it is totally not a traditional horror movie.

For those who would shy away because of the horror label, don’t! Peele calls this a “social thriller,” more about psychology and society than cheap thrills and gore.

4. It deals with the taboo subject of inter-racial relationships

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The social thriller talks about race relations in a way we haven't seen before. The villains aren't the stereotypical neo-Nazi skinheads or recently self-labeled "alt-right," but middle-class white liberals.

With a black director and writer in charge, Jordan Peele is giving us a different perspective to racism. Peele is actually half-white half-black and married to a white woman, yet has said that he gets labeled as black and receives the stereotypes that come with it. In an interview with Esquire, he says "My whole life experience went into the movie."

5. It's taken over the Internet, just check out the stunning fan art from around the world

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A post shared by Jordan Peele (@jordanpeele) on

A post shared by Jordan Peele (@jordanpeele) on

Fans have been moved to express their feelings for the movie through art! You can check out more stunning work at Jordan Peele's Instagram where he regularly shares them.

6. You confirm will wanna try the movie-inspired meme, the #GetOutChallenge, after you watch it

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You know you've made it into pop culture when you become a meme...

7. It's super syiok to watch with a crowd

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There are just certain movies you have to watch on the big screen with your fellow movie-goers. The kind of movie that lends itself to an epic crowd experience.

'Get Out' will have you laughing, screaming, cheering, and yelling at the screen.

The film is also packed with symbolism and clever moments that will leave you thinking. So be sure to watch it in cinemas on 20 April!