Oops! Shanghai Used The Wrong Thor Poster To Promote Movie

A cinema in Shanghai used a fan art poster of Thor embracing Loki to promote the newly released "Thor: The Dark World" film. Here's the sthory...

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This Fan Art Poster Was Accidentally Used As The Official At A Cinema In Shanghai

A fan art poster was accidentally used at a cinema in Shanghai.

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"Imagine it: you are going to see Thor 2: The Dark World at the Shanghai Bona Insun International Cineplex. No doubt you’re probably excited to watch all your favorite Norse gods battle it out a second time. And then you turn the corner and see – this."


Someone Posted The Faux Poster Of Thor Embracing Loki On Reddit

Someone at Reddit has snapped a photo of a poster for "Thor: The Dark World" being used in a cinema in Shanghai.

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THIS, Is What The Poster Should Have Looked Like

Official poster of "Thor: The Dark World" starring Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman.

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Check Out Other Interesting Posters We Found Online! This One Is Apparently Only For Cast And Crew...

According to Film, Olly Moss was commissioned by Craig Kyle and Kevin Feige at Marvel Pictures to create a poster that would solely be distributed to the cast and crew of the upcoming superhero film, Thor.

Image via edgecastcdn.net

Lego's Version Of "Thor: The Dark World"

Warner Bros. have released the LEGO version of the Thor: The Dark World movie poster.

Image via gamefreaks.co.nz

Graphic Designer Dave Williams' "Thor" Poster

Dave Williams' "Thor" poster.

Image via beyondhollywood.com

Other STHORies For You: The Internet (Including SNSD) Is Obsessed With Loki AKA Tom Hiddleston And Superheroes Then And Now

Tom Hiddleston next to SNSD's Tiffany.

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