'Titanic' Is Returning To Theatres In 4K & 3D On 10 February For Its 25th Anniversary

Fans will now be able to see in 4K if Jack could have fit on that wooden door.

Cover image via GSC (Facebook) & People

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In conjunction with its 25th anniversary, the classic movie Titanic will make a return to the silver screens on 10 February

Following the success of Avatar: The Way of Water in 2022, James Cameron continues to deliver in 2023 by bringing Titanic back to the big screens, reported Deseret News.

The film tells the complex love story of Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater that was set aboard the sinking RMS Titanic ship in 1912.

The blockbuster movie earned USD2.2 billion (RM9.6 billion) worldwide and became the highest-grossing movie of all time for 15 weeks in a row, before Cameron's 2009 film Avatar took over.

Recently, Paramount Pictures unveiled an updated movie poster on their Twitter account, which features our favorite stars, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

The historical romance epic has been remastered, boasting a new and improved 4K HDR, 3D film

This isn't Titanic's first re-release, as the 3D version was released back in 2012.

Both GSC and TGV cinemas have announced that they will be screening the beloved classic in Malaysia in February, in conjunction with Valentine's Day.

The movie will be screened in IMAX theatres starting 9 February.

Watch Paramount Pictures' Titanic 25th Anniversary official trailer here:

That sounds like a call for a movie date with your significant other this Valentine's! ;)

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