[PICS/VIDS] 10 Most Unforgettable Moments From Ed Sheeran's Sold-Out Concert In KL

Glad you made it here, Ed!

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He might have injured both his arms just a few weeks ago, but that certainly didn't stop Ed Sheeran from showing his 12,000 Malaysian fans a great time at his sold-out concert last night!

All 12,000 tickets to the singer-songwriter's concert in Axiata Arena were sold out less than an hour after it was released for sale. This marks his second time in Malaysia, following his first sold-out show at the KL Convention Centre in 2015. 

Thanks to the generous folks at U Mobile, we managed to get our hands on tickets to the show...

... And it's probably the most down-to-earth yet one of the best concerts we've ever been to. Armed with just a guitar and his voice, Ed's got the fans hooked on every line, every note, and every word he belted out.

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Excepting some slight issues with the sound system, it was pretty much a perfect night for Sheerios. Here are some of our favourite moments from the show:

1. No dramatic entrance was needed for Ed when he simply walked on stage with his guitar to kick off the first song of the night, 'Castle on a Hill'

2. The beautiful show of lights when Ed called on everyone in the stadium to turn on their flashlights for 'The A Team'

3. When he had a little help from tour crew member PJ Smith, who "moonlights" as a pianist when Ed performs 'How Would You Feel'

So tell me that you me too. #HowWouldYouFeel #EdSheeranLiveInKL #DivideTour

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4. You probably can't tell that Ed broke both his arms less than a month ago by the way he's strumming furiously to fast-paced hits like 'Don't'

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Check out the super trippy visuals with emojis flying around:

#TrippyAF #EdSheeranLiveinKL

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5. It's goosebumps all around when the crowd sang along to the entirety of 'Photograph'. We almost teared up okay.

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6. Our new favourite song pretty much sums up the entire show. Also, the rose petals falling behind definitely added to the romantic vibes. <3

Apparently, a couple got engaged in the middle of 'Perfect'!

7. The crowd went crazy when another couple got engaged in the middle of 'Thinking Out Loud'!

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8. Before we know it, it's already the last song for the night. But first, can we just take a moment to appreciate the stunning visuals we've been treated to the entire night?! Just... WOW.

9. Did anyone else notice that Ed changed into a Harimau Malaya jersey when he came back for the encore?

10. Time for the last song - 'You Need Me, I Don't Need You' - and Ed is totally giving it his all with the rapid-fire rapping!

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Thank you for making our Tuesday night, Ed Sheeran! Please come back soon okay. :p

Were you at the concert too? What was your favourite part? Let us know in the comments section!

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