Vegetarian TV Host Responds To Sexist Netizens Mocking Her For Not Knowing How To Gut Fish

Sugeeta Chandran urged netizens to stop perpetuating stereotypes.

Cover image via @sugeetachandran (Instagram) & X

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A vegetarian television host has responded to sexist comments criticising her for not knowing how to gut a fish

In a tweet posted last Thursday, 21 December, an X user posted a 15-second clip of Sugeeta Chandran and Syahira Izzaty Yaacob, the hosts of TV3's Wanita Hari Ini (WHI), using knives to gut fish, with both struggling to do so.

"As a man, even I know how to gut fish. If this is how you do it, then obviously no one cooks in your kitchen," read the tweet that garnered over 5.7 million views.

Many netizens left sexist comments to ridicule the TV hosts, with one saying, "They think the knives are like chopsticks."

"Kantoi! You surely always use Grab services," said another netizen, while another added, "The show is called Wanita Hari Ini, it's not Ketuk-Ketuk Ramadan (a TV show featuring host Sheila Rusly learning celebrity guests' recipes)."

Image via X

Sexist comments found under the viral tweet.

Image via X

In response, Sugeeta said that she does not have great gutting skills because she is a vegetarian

"I'm a vegetarian. I don't eat fish. I don't cook fish and I've only gutted fish once, and I was doing it playfully [at the time]," she told Harian Metro.

The 33-year-old explained that the viral clip was a segment of the show where she and Syahira were required to complete a challenge without being notified in advance by the producers.

"If you ever watch the WHI show, you'll know there is a segment whereby even the hosts don't know what the challenge will be.

"On the day in question, there was a fish-based menu and the challenge required me and Syira to gut the fish.

"I live alone. Even when I am back at my family's home, my mother would buy fish that has already been cleaned. So, gutting fish is not something I am familiar with.

"But as a host, we just do the given challenges. I didn't think (the video) would go viral because it's normal. During these live shows, we are sometimes faced with things that we are not familiar with," she said.

Sugeeta Chandran, host of TV3's 'Wanita Hari Ini'.

Image via OhBulan!

When asked whether she has seen the online remarks directed at her, Sugeeta said that both she and Syahira prefer not to respond to them to avoid escalating the issue

"I have read several unpleasant comments that associate the value of a woman with her fish gutting skills. That is definitely not a determinant of a woman's greatness or capability, as some of them may receive help from their fathers or husbands.

"Let's avoid perpetuating stereotypes because everyone can learn if they don't know how to do a thing. And if women have shortcomings, let's not criticise them," she advised.

Last month, a Perikatan Nasional lawmaker was criticised for making a sexist remark at Seputeh lawmaker Teresa Kok:

On 7 February, a PAS leader was also lambasted for likening women to "items":

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