[VIDEO] When Malaysians Watch This Year's Petronas Raya Ad For The First Time...

It's a pretty emotional one!

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Come festive seasons in Malaysia, there's one thing we all collectively look out for: the Petronas commercials!

Tak sah wan if don't have! They're with us every year as part of every celebration, tugging at our heart-strings and reminding us of what each holiday should truly be about. :')

With the Raya season almost upon us, we decided to get some Malaysians together and see what they think of this year's Petronas Raya ad

They managed to joke around at first...

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...but then the feels train hit HARD #crymeariver

Image via SAYS

Kudos to you Petronas for another great seasonal commercial and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri everyone! :)

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