[VIDEO] Poor Liam Neeson. They've Taken His Family For The Third Time

Experiencing a kidnapping is rare, twice is an eerie coincidence, three times is just too much.

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It seems that Liam Neeson isn't having a good break from terrorists and the police, as seen in the new trailer of "Taken 3"

Liam reprises his role once again as Bryan Mills, an ex-CIA operative whose family is in danger from dangerous people

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This time, he is framed for the murder of his wife and is on the run as a fugitive from the police and the people behind the murder

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You can definitely expect more head banging...

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More enemies...

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And of course, explosions, gun shots, action scenes... did we say explosions?

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It seems that the villains never learn from the first two movies and to that we say "Good Luck"...

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Because Liam Neeson will find you

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Watch and get "taken" in the movie trailer HERE:

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