[VIDEO] Watch Nandini Talk About Domestic Violence Against Men On Fly FM's AM Mayhem

"People always assume that men are always the abusers and women are always the victims."

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In case you missed it, Nandini is now on Fly FM with her very own segment Terkini With Nandini

The new 10-minute segment features Nandini as she collaborates with the AM Mayhem crew Hafiz, Guibo, and RD. The segment highlights Nandini's hot takes on taboo and controversial topics that will definitely spice up your mornings. 

In one of her recent segments, Nandini talks about how men can also be on the receiving end of abuse in relationships

Nandini kicked off the morning by addressing the recent case in which Amber Heard admitted to abusing Johnny Depp

Nandini: "People always assume that men are always the ones who are abusing and women are always the victims."

RD opens up about his past abusive relationships

RD: "I've been punched as well. Knives have been thrown at me. Sometimes, they have hurt themselves and then looked at me and said 'this is what you're doing to me' where it's a bit of a manipulation lah."

RD: "At one point I thought, am I the catalyst? Am I the one inciting this? But I'm like NO!"

Guibo: "But my question is, this has happened to you more than once in different relationships so it's probably you."

Hafiz: "Yeah, did you annoy them to that level?"

Here's what Nandini had to say about it

Nandini"Here's the thing, even if you cheat on your partner, it still does not warrant someone using violence to react to an issue like that."

"Exactly, I understand."

"When I'm mad at someone or something, I would tell them 'Hey, I need a minute'
I don't wanna do or say something I will regret."

So what can you do to make a change?

Nandini: "We all have layers to ourselves right? The outermost layer is the strong, confident person you portray but on the inside, you're still the same person, you're human, you love and you want to be loved."

Nandini: "So, anyone can be victims and if you choose to believe otherwise, please do us all a favour and change your perception because it's very important for us to believe victims."

Hafiz: "And if you are in this kind of relationship, please get help."

Nandini: "If you don't know how to get help, talk to people that love you and know you, or go seek professional help."

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