[VIDEOS] 8 New Music Releases Featuring Billie Eilish, Joe Flizzow, Epik High, And More

In a haunting new music video, 19-year-old Billie Eilish and 27-year-old Rosalía are giving us dreamy vibes!

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#NewMusicFlyday is Fly FM's list of the hottest song releases, music videos, and exclusive interviews of the week

This week features music from world-famous EDM DJs Diplo and Mark Ronson, TikTok King Jason Derulo and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, So You Think You Can Dance alum Tate McRae, South Korean hip hop legends Epik High, and Malaysian rap genius Joe Flizzow.

Of course, not to miss out on the highly anticipated collaboration between five-time Grammy award winner Billie Eilish and eight-time Latin Grammy Award winner Rosalía.

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1. New Love - Silk City ft Ellie Goulding

Making their comeback as 'Silk City', Mark Ronson and Diplo hit the streets with English singer Ellie Goulding as they cheekily quip, "Heard you needed to dance?"

The music video personifies the concept of the song, which Goulding shared in an interview with Billboard was based on the idea of "losing yourself on your own, not needing to be seen, knowing that the one that got away could be just as happy as this too."

2. Lifestyle - Jason Derulo ft Adam Levine

Sometimes music doesn't need to have a deeper meaning, it just needs to be a bop!

And the latest single from the dynamic mix of heartthrobs Jason Derulo and Adam Levine has us bopping non-stop. Including nods to Rihanna's 2012 hit Diamonds and Future's 2015 song F#ck Up Commas, the pair ask a million dollar question (while rolling in millions): would the girl go out with them if they were broke?

Alongside a dance-heavy music video (that's bound to be a sure-fire viral sensation on TikTok), can you believe it's taken the duo this long to collaborate?

3. Rosario - Epik High ft CL & ZICO

South Korean hip hop veterans Epik High have finally made their long-awaited return to the music scene with Rosario.

As part one of their 10th studio album 'Epik High Is Here', Rosario features two of South Korea's biggest artists - former 2NE1 member CL and Block B's ZICO. The song, with its brassy undertones and percussion, is a thematic piece that highlights why all three music acts are legendary.

4. rubberband - Tate McRae

17-year-old Canadian singer McRae describes her music as a "pop alternative style with a real big focus on the lyrics". Following the massive success of her single, You Broke Me First, McRae says rubberband is a song with a lot of meaning to her.

The video sees McRae waking up in a bedroom and looking through the mirror to find another version of herself stuck in a parallel space. She explained how she thought of the correlation between love and the distraction of fidgeting or snapping a rubber band on your wrist.

"Snapping a rubberband is a way to get over something.... sometimes even a person."

5. CIAO - Joe Flizzow ft MK & Jay Park

Taking a different approach from his previous track Kuasa, Joe Flizzow is back with a banger that brings together rappers of different generations and cultures.

Ciao sees the Johor-born rapper evolve to "ensure the lyrics were closer to common language with the latest local slang".

The track, produced by Singaporean hip hop artist ALYPH, brings together his long-time friend, 33-year-old Korean-American artist Jay Park, and 28-year-old K-Clique member MK.

Flizzow shared his hopes for the song: "For me, this song will prove that hip hop works from Asia are great. Our mission is to show that there are Asian artistes of high quality."

6. Lo Vas A Olvidar - Billie Eilish and Rosalía

In a haunting new music video, 19-year-old Billie Eilish and 27-year-old Rosalía are giving us dreamy vibes!

Their latest collab done for the hit show, Euphoria, sees Eilish singing in Spanish and asking: "Dime si no me perdonas aún" (Tell me if you still don't forgive me).

Along with this banger of a line: "If I wasn't important then why would you waste all your poison?"

When teasing the release of her collaboration with Eilish, Rosalía proclaimed that she "couldn't wait" to finish the song while Eilish told BBC Radio 1's Annie Mac that she'd reached "some notes [she had] never even thought about".

7. Skin - Sabrina Carpenter

With a surprise first release under a new label, 21-year-old Sabrina Carpenter is back with Skin.

The song seems to be a direct response to the messy love triangle depicted in Olivia Rodrigo's smash hit, drivers license.

Fans of the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series co-stars have been speculating that Rodrigo's song is based on the true story of her moving on from her previous relationship with Joshua Bassett, who is currently dating Sabrina Carpenter.

While Rodrigo has never confirmed nor denied these rumours, she's deflected them by saying that the people it was inspired by don't matter. Now, with Carpenter singing: "Maybe we could've been friends, if I met you in another life, maybe then we could pretend, there's no gravity in the words we write".

Could this be her retaliation?

8. Blueberry Eyes - Max ft Lil Mosey, BTS' SUGA & Olivia O'Brien

Bringing together Lil Mosey's sing-song delivery and bass with MAX's smooth crooning may have just created the new "catchiest beat of 2021".

Although, is it still new if the pair are merely building on what seems to already be a magic formula of a song? Nevertheless, including the 18-year-old rapper breathes new life to the song - and is bound to be the start of a new TikTok dance trend.

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